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It actually works. What's up with Facebook rolling out updates that break things? This isn't the first time, either.


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One way in which Google+ is beating Facebook


Had the same issue the other day. Had to uninstall and reinstall. So far the only problem I have had with Google+ is the lack of friends.

Well that's what happens when only 3 people get invites. The rest of us get to enjoy a useless app. zzzzzzzz

Best link off of facebook ever.

"One thing Google+ does better than Facebook..."

*clicks link*

"It actually works!"

Not what I was expecting, thanks for the laugh.

That's awesome! Would like to see if it works on my phone as well ***cough*** invite ***cough***

Same.... Got SwiftKey beta for the xoom. The creator now just need some google plusage. Throw me one if i guys can. I thx.

Nope. In fact, I've had it crash on my 10.1 in huddles with multiple people. This continues Google's odd problem of asking developers to optimize their apps for tablets without bothering to do it itself for some of it's core products.

Well, to be fair, this is a beta product. An actual beta, not a Gmail's-been-running-for-four-years-and-is-still-in-beta beta.

Yea the new facebook update is really glitchy. Even the iPhone version after their new update has been super glichy. I think Face book needs new engineers

Invites aren't working, guys, I've been trying to invite people for days using all the posted workarounds and nothing works atm.