Official Preakness App

Good news for anyone who is faithfully devoted to the Preakness Stakes, as the official app is now live in the Market.

The app allows you to check out the schedule, jockey information, race replays, and up-to-date results, to name a few. A must have for any Triple Crown fan, this looks to be an app you'll use well after the Preakness race is finished this Saturday afternoon.

Download links are after the break.

There are 4 comments

vtgrad03 says:

Awesome. An app that's only useful for two days!

clmrog01 says:

Yeah, like that stupid Google IO app!

th0r615 says:

I'm from Baltimore (not going to the race) and a lot of people around here take horse racing pretty seriously so I'll have to let some people know theres an app for that.