Been looking for a new ROM for your Samsung Epic Touch 4G on Sprint, well how about a little bit of MIUI love for you? It appears as though an official build has been released for the device, and it is now available for your downloading pleasure. For those unfamiliar, MIUI is a custom ROM that is quite similar in many ways to iOS and provides a rather unique Android experience. Rooted and ready to flash? If so hit the link below for download links and full information about the ROM.

Source: XDA

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mikehoff99 says:

Last time I rooted was with my palm pre... May need to try!

MiUI is so much unlike Android. I never really was fond of it.

pDoG says:

I couldn't agree more. In all of my android phones I've maybe flashed a MIUI rom one time.

pathtologos says:

Might be good to let readers know that as nice as miui is, 4G will NOT work.

benthe1 says:

I would say so. Sometimes these "writers" are so eager to get the message out first they forget to mention some really important stuff. Thanks for the info though. I'll definitely wait 'til they get 4G working.

iPhoneSuks says:

Not going to happen. No phone with MIUI support has 4G working because 4G is not supported by the Chinese developers of MIUI. This will probably change once China gets LTE, I'm guessing, but for now don't count on it. I'm talking about WiMax and LTE when talking about 4G btw.

robotaholic says:

OMG THE BEST THING IN THE UNIVERSE!!! MIUI on Evo 4G was what I did for a YEAR! and then I upgraded to E4GT..and now I get MIUI again! OMG YES!

ziaodix says:

I don't like the style of these ROMs either, but that's why Android rocks. All the choices given to us make it a great OS to be with.

evetskirk says:

If your looking for and iphone experience just get an iphone. Whats the point here.

mattallica76 says:

MIUI offers way too much customization to be considered an "iphone experience". The built in theme engine and endless lockscreens alone are enough reason to like it.

Drcz_92 says:

Really? Have you even tried MIUI? Miui brings the android experiance to a whone new level. Just because the launcher look alike to an iphone does not mean the whole rom looks like it. Before saying something like that try it and then we talk.

mldiroff says:

That's what prevented me from trying MIUI in the first place, until l realized that all of the customization you can do is amazing. I run ADW EX launcher instead of the stock one because I love an app drawer. The style of menus and all of the themes, MODs you can do to the statusbar, etc. are amazing. You should spend some time with it before you judge.

robotaholic says:

@evetskirk, XIAOMI is so cool. To each their own.

gollyzila says:

Samsung Epic 4G* Touch*

violent23 says:

MIUI is kinda useless on WiMax phones as they will never support Sprint's 4G. Might have been good to mention that in the article.

Sprints network barely supports 4G. I had limited coverage when I lived in Atlanta and never even bothered with it. I have none here now in NC.

smooth3006 says:

I never cared for miui other than the UI of the dialer. If you want aosp go for cm7.

Robbzilla says:

Cyanogen is also up & running right now. It's in a pretty good place, but it still doesn't have 4G either... Everything else seems to be functional.

messiah143 says:

MIUI is the best Android ROM out there because of the ease of customizing. Its so fun and addicting.

Elimental says:

For those that complain that MIUI is to much like iOS, you know you can theme it?

For example my current setup looks like this http://imgur.com/a/LfuH1#0

Robbzilla says:

Can you set the icon density up to 5 or 6 without adding a separate launcher?

Elimental says:

Not from my knowledge, but I never really checked.

15israellai says:

Wow that theme really looks 90% like my nexus.

chrisz5z says:

I think MIUI succeeds in its goal. Trying to bring the best features of iOS and Android together. The theming that it uses its more intuitive than Cyanogenmod and it has a few cool features that are actually implemented in Ice Cream Sandwich