Google IO T-Shirt

Here's the official Google I/O T-shirt -- and will you look at that, it's got some QR codes on it. Any attendees want to spill the beans as to what they link to? 

Update: Fine. Spoilsports.


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Official Google I/O T-shirt has a few surprises [#io2010]


4 of the QR leads to a link of picture of android plush doll around the place. Last QR leads to a Google form where you can enter your email to get a pre sale link to io next year.
No you guys can not have mine. :-)

I found this great resource called What it is is a site where you type something in and you get millions of `results` where there might be an explanation for whatever it is you typed in!

Think it'll catch on?

Kagi, how are you able to read that stuff, what is a QR anyways? I bet I look stupid, this is supposed to be basic stuff I guess?

A QR is a two dimensional barcode, which is an awesome way to share websites, contacts or little easter eggs. The best way to view them is with a QR scanner on your phone. I recommend Barcode Scanner; it's free and works like a charm. A couple other websites have the QR codes available for scanning if you want to test them out.

And no worries bakan, this stuff is still pretty foreign to a lot of people.

I'm in line for one......or two.....or three....please.
I made Android Central my home page in my Dolphin HD browser...that must count for something...right?