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For those that aren't absolutely sick of the Gangnam Style fad yet (we know at least a few that still aren't), Cellfish has launched an officially-licensed Android app. It includes a live wallpaper that features a now-famous elevator scene, the ability to turn your ringtone into the that of the popular song, and even includes a soundboard for those times that you really want to beat a meme to death. Finally, a cartoon version of Psy can also pop up on your screen and dance whenever a new text or e-mail comes in. 

I love Gangnam Style and all, but small doses, people. For those that have yet to get enough of it, you can find the Psy Gangnam Style live wallpaper and ringtone app in Google Play for $1.99. 


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Official Gangnam Style app for Android features live wallpaper, catchy ringtone


At least you didn't Photoshop the elevator scene. Would be hilarious but even creepier than in the video.

Cellfish needs to die. Or least stop licensing everything.

"Buy our 2011 Live Wallpaper Ringtone Hah You Thought Features Are Free App and try to do what we advertise, but can't without giving us more money."

"Upgrade to our 2012 Live Wallpaper Ringtone Hah You Thought This Update Added Something App and keeping trying to do what we advertise without paying more."

"You updated your 2011 app instead? Now we won't stop reminding you to upgrade to the 2012 app."

The song is okay, but I do have to say that is a great picture. Also I did not know anything about Gangnam Style before this.