Vizio Co-Star Google TV box

A few folks have pinged us this morning, reminding us that today was the original estimated shipping day for the Vizio Co-Star Google TV. We're pretty sure it's not happening today, though, as our order is clearly still in a "Processing" status, and the product page is back to "Coming soon." Don't give Vizio too hard a time, though -- we've always treated that "estimated" shipping date as a pretty loose ballpark. But we are just excited as the rest of you at the prospect of a $99 Google TV box. Let's just hope it fares a little better than Sony's software-hamstrung set

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S_C_B says:

Mine is set to "ship" August 22nd-ish.

iu3939 says:

I contacted customer service and they still said it was shipping today. With that said my order is still processing and I do not think it ships today.

coryteague says:

Just got off the phone with Vizio customer support and he stated that the information they have currently is that the first 1200 orders will ship next week and the week after (the 3rd and 4th weeks of Aug.) and then concurrently every 2 weeks after that for each pre-order batch (about 1200 units).. hope this helps...

S_C_B says:

I'm ready, because my Logitech Revue has got to GO!! I really like the design of the CoStar remote and console.

imomperousse says:

3rd and 4th week?? My revue needs to yesterday.

wicketr says:

If they are only doing 1200 a week, that is damn slow. Considering my pre-order number is in the upper 400,000s, I'll be waiting about 8 years.

I'm thinking your numbers are way off by a magnitude of at least 10x.

dlbark says:

I think you did not understand what was said, they can make 2500 Co-Stars in 1 day of work. They have been making them since June, 9 weeks as of today would be over 130,000 Co-Stars made. Shipping is their hardship. I was told that the priority was the first orders that sold out within 10 hours, the second tier of pre orders 24hrs later sold out in 12 hours, the third tier of pre orders opened on Aug 1 and that tier closed out 18hrs later (50,000). If your order number is 0023415, you're within the second tier, 0042145, you're in the third tier. They have a small team of workers fulfilling these pre orders to be shipped. Majority of the first tier pre orders went out on the 14th. If you're in the third tier you should see you order by next week Friday the latest.

xuohtx says:

I changed my audio set up this weekend in preparation for the Co-Star's arrival. Now I just need to figure out how the remote set up will work my Harmony All-in-one.

onsoku says:

If you do figure it out, please send me an email @

AnnDroid says:

Darn! I rearranged my set up last weekend in prep for this also. Dang it.

markpv says:

Just got off the phone with Vizio they had a meeting last week on the Co-Star. Supposed to be shipping out mid to late this week.

franko353 says:

Did anyone else have their credit card charged?

I found a charge for late last week from "". I did some research and found out it was from Vizio.

In any case, when I checked this morning, my order still has a "Processing" status.

Stevo607 says:

Update : got an email from visio telling me that my costar is shipping. Checked my account and status is "Complete". Shouldn't be long now.

My amex was charged today.i was originally told would ship 8/26/12. But am hoping it will ship sooner. Why would they charge my account today?

Hondo88 says:

My card got charged today! Woo Hoo

Snyper0711 says:

My card was charged last week and still no email about a ship date. :(

jimmal says:

Where do you go to view your order? My bank showed an authorization last thursday and then yesterday that disappeared. I can't seem to find a vizio site that allows me to view my order.

renegadetx says:

Customer Service called me this afternoon and told me I had entered my CC# wrong. They corrected it and ran the charge. Told me it was shipping tomorrow.

albokay says:

Checked today and my order shows as shipped via ground.

cwil says:

My order also shipped via FedEx yesterday (8/14). Should be getting it this week!!!

slikone27 says:

Mine says shipped now also... however it just says ground, no tracking # or anything.

jimmal says:

Mine was shipped yesterday via FedEx. Left CA last night. Expect it this week.

iu3939 says:

mine shipped as well!!!!

Snyper0711 says:

Mine has shipped as well. But just like Vizio likes to do I did not receive an email stating so. Went and checked my order on their site and saw that it was shipped out yesterday from CA.

AnnDroid says:

Just got my shipping info!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Snyper0711 says:

Anybody get theirs in and up and running?

jimmal says:

Mine will arrive on Monday. Was shipped from CA via FedEx Smartpost which means it ships via FedEx ground to the receipients nearest post office distribution center and then is delivered via USPS.

sskassam says:

i just checked my tracking info, and it arrived to a FedEx Smartpost location in WV. And the estimated delivery date got updated to 8/24. I just want to receive it and starting playing with it so I know whether to get my brother an Apple TV or the Co-Star!

Pfister75 says:

Let me know if you get yours. I received shipping info on the 13th, told that I would receive by the 18th. Fedex tracking says that the post office tried to deliver on the 16th and to contact my local post office to pick up. I saw my postman that day and no fedex packages. My local post office tells me they have no such package in their system. Post office tells me to get a post office tracking number from fedex and fedex tells me that the post office uses the same fedex number.

No one knows where the package is and when I call Vizio, they tell me that they pretty much can't do anything once it leaves their possession. So I have paid for an item that I don't know I'll ever see. Very frustrating.

MikFinkel says:

Mine left California Aug 17. It arrived in Ma Aug 28. Still not out for delivery.
I think even the USPS is faster than FedEx Smartpost! Give me a break already.