Samsung Gem

By the way ... if the threat of Verizon putting Bing on the Samsung Gem was keeping you from considering the mid-range device, fear not. Bing's been banished, and Google services reign supreme.

Next question is when is Verizon actually going to announce the Gem? Thanks, anon!


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No Bing on the Verizon Samsung Gem


Random guess: When Microsoft refused to support CDMA in the initial WP7 launch. (Seriously, they're not stocking phones where Bing is integrated, and they have a contract with Microsoft? Something's up.)

Bing has been on the Android Market for months now which makes Verizon & Bing contract done everyone knows that.

Believe it or not, I tried Bing and actually liked it better than Google. My search results were actually slightly (emphasis on slightly) more accurate. The strange part was I caught on and joined the hater freighter without actually knowing anything about Bing, but whatya know? Things can change. Lol, but I'm also the one that doesn't like any phone over 4 inches!

Another junk product from Microsoft:

* The piece of garbage Xbox/Xbox 360

* The dead Kin cellphones

* The Zune devices no one even remembers

* The dead Windows Phone

* And their crappy search engine that they have to bribe companies like the dying Yahoo to use