Seidio Innocase Active X for the Nexus S

The Seidio Innocase Active X is a case for the Nexus S is built like a tank and perfect for protecting your phone while you're out and about.  It's two-piece design really wraps your phone up well, and while it adds in a bit of bulkiness, it fits really well and doesn't take away from the unique styling that some of us really love about our Nexus S -- myself included.

The case consists of a flexible rubber polymer skin and a hard skeleton that holds the skin in place and protects each corner of your phone from bumps and falls.  Preliminary testing using clumsy hands and parking lots or hardwood floors have been successful :)

It's easy to put on and take back off, and your ports and controls are just as easy to use as they would be without a case, with the USB connector and the headphone jack being cut-out in the rubber skin, and the skin itself designed to operate the power and volume switches via raised spots on the case.  It works just fine. 

Also available is the matching Seidio Active X holster, which holds your Nexus S face-in right on your belt or clipped to your pocket.  It's easy to get the phone in and out of it, and the clip swivels (and locks into place) in six different angles to keep things comfortable.

A lot of Android phones pass through our hands here, but the Nexus S is my personal phone.  I carry it daily, and highly recommend this one to anyone looking for a way to protect their Nexus S.  You can grab the Seidio Innocase Active X case in the Android Central Store for $27.95, or as a bundle with the matching holster for $46.40.  More pictures are after the break.

Case and holster  rear, holstered

holster, back  holster

case, pieces  camera and speaker

USB port and headphone jack  corners

case pieces  soft and flexible


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Nexus S case review: Seidio Innocase Active X


what wallpaper is that? looks cool, all black and only a green highlight on the time. Must save lots on battery considering its a samoled screen.

You guys should do a review of the Incipio Feather for the NS. A bit pricey but well worth it IMO.

The case for those who don't want a case.

i'm guessing this only fits the non-4g version as the 4g is supposed to be slightly thicker? will androidcentral be carrying same case for 4g assuming its made?

On A|C initial hands on the had the Nexus S and the Nexus S 4G side by side and and they said they were the exact same size.....I CAN'T WAIT TO GET my Nexus S 4G!

I had the EVO 4G Seidio Active case that is green. And with in weeks the clear coat started to flake off and made it look really poor i was very disappointed

I picked this up from Android Central last week. I couldn't find any cases in Canada as the Nexus was just released here. Its a great case and doesn't add much bulk!! I am not using a screen protector with it.