Nexus 10 flip cover

If you go back to our Nexus 10 review, you'll see where there's a removable strip along the rear that would make a perfect place to attach a cover of some sort. Today, Google finally put such a cover up for sale in Google Play. Available in scarlet or dark gray, the covers will fold over and protect the screen on your Nexus 10, and puts the device to sleep when closed.

The Play store says these will ship and be delivered in three to five days, and they are a bit pricey at $30. But really, the screen on the Nexus 10 would likely cost so much to replace that this is cheap insurance to help prevent scratches and other mishaps. For more information, and to order, click the link below.

Source: Google Play


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Nexus 10 flip cover now available in Google Play


WOW. Took them long enough. Wonder if it will fit on the next model they release? Probably not. I also don't think $30 is too much to ask for this, however this should have been available at release, or within a few weeks.

Yup.. I'm already looking to upgrade my nexus 10!! Also am i crazy, but it doesn't look like this will let you stand the nexus 10?

This is why the Nexus line hasn't seen widespread commercial success. If they want to be serious hardware manufacturers they need to take a page out of Samsung's play book and have their devices available on all major networks and with accessories at or near launch or most consumers will never even consider them. I get they like being the retailer as well, but would it hurt to have a Nexus section at Best Buy? Let Best Buy throw another $25 or so on the price of the N10 or N7, they'd still be extremely competitively priced and would reach far more people. And anyone who knows anything about Best Buy would still go home and find it for cheaper on the internet after checking it out in the store which would take the right back to to the Play Store anyhow. I love the Nexus hardware I just wish Google prioritized it a little more.

Agreed. They should release accessories at the same time as the tablet. Plus

* Orange??? Eeek
* Only screen protection?
* Not even a stand??
* $30 for only screen protection???
* Doesn't include shipping at that price????


You should be happy since I'm still waiting (not anymore really) on the official N7 leather cover with a magnet

I just ordered it. I'm very satisfied with my nexus 10 and its amazing high resolution. I'm excited about this case too... wait until the Google I/O releases 5.0 and my nexus 10 receives it first... very excited to see what they got in store for us.

The fact that it doesn't fold back on itself to give stand/typing options is unreal. What use is it in the current form? May as well buy a £2 neoprene sleeve.

I waited for this for ages, and ended up buying a third party case this week, I was gutted when I saw this article, now I am relieved. Is this meant to be a smart case, cos smart cases can bend.

Yeah i'm a sucker and paid the crazy price for it. I like the backing of the n10 and the feel. I haven't barely used the stand on my current case but the fact that this doesn't have that functionality is a significant miscue.

Just ordered one. And My Nexus 10 is being delivered today from being repaired for a cracked screen. The cost to replace the screen was $268.46!

I purchased the flip cover on Friday and it arrived today (Tuesday). I like how its simple and doesn't take away from the overall look of my nexus 10. But the corner Near the power button doesn't snap in like its supposed to, just clicks in and out. Guess I'll be sending it back for a new one because I don't want it to get broke the way it is. Owner of nexus 10, nexus 7, Samsung galaxy s3.