New Google Play?

A new version of the Google Play app has leaked, and it shows a new Holo-esque (and colorful) user interface. Droid-Life got their hands on an apk file labeled 4.0.16, and while it's clearly not ready for prime-time, it does show off a look we haven't seen before from Google.

Everything is clean, the font is all new, the icons are bigger, and the colors match the categories as displayed on the Google Play website. There are also a few changes in the settings, namely in the auto-update section which separates out Wifi from your data connection to auto-update apps.

The app is pretty broken, and they aren't making it available for folks to try themselves. That will probably change shortly, nothing stays secret on the Internet for long. And while everyone is speculating that this is the change for the next version of Android, we all need to remember that apps like Google Play can be easily updated without a system-wide change.

For now, you can head over to Droid-Life and have a look at what may be coming to everyone soon.

Source: Droid-Life


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New version of the Google Play app leaks, with an all new interface style


this is awesome. people complained about how google play look.
this is a welcome change.look clean and neat

So much better, this is long overdue, I've never liked the current version of the play store, especially on the bigger devices.

Agreed. It looks fine on my N4 and N7, but when I view it on my girls N10, I almost throw up. It looks HORRIBLE on the N10, so jumbled.

Liking these changes. I like the Google play store, but always felt it was too dark.

Google, while your at it, in my installed apps list on a tablet, when I get an update, replace the permissions section with 'whats new'. I hate having to go into each app to see whats changed.

Finally, when an app updates automatically, show this in my notifications, with the expanded notification showing whats new.


Great suggestion. Also I would like if you (Google) would add a select (check) button next to the apps in my all apps list. That way when I slide over from my installed apps list to there I can easily check all the apps I want to reinstall and and single click to download them. That list is meaningless if I have to sift through every app to see if I want to download it again. Then when I do it takes me back to the top of the list. Please fix this. Don't think I'm asking to much.


the original google play was aweful, then they updated to what it is now and it is much better... but still not great.

the new look brings it in line with the rest of google's services and I like it way better. google is on it.

I hope they included a "My purchased apps" section though... looks like its still missing from the screenshot.

A long overdue refresh to the Play Store. it looks very visually appealing. Like a poster before me said the older versions of the play store always seemed a bit too dark. This looks much nicer. Hopefully they add a separate category for my paid applications in the my apps section. Nicely done Google.

Subjective but I prefer dark interfaces - I find that colours pop more and there's less chance that I get "flashbanged" while checking my phone in the dark.

The Play Thing. The store is way better than it was but it has a long way to go. We still have to go to the Google checkout on the website to find apps we bought and don't have installed anymore. Finding things is where I find the store frustrating. The updates are way ahead of amazon and downloads are very fast and hardly ever fail. I also think they have made improvements in scanning for malicious apps. We all remember the spyware that was hosted by the Google store. I have faith that Google will figure it out and they know some of us can't use Wallet. Thanks for that Verizion.

Hey noszero if it helps at all you can see the apps you purchased but don't have installed on the play store. Go to my apps then slide over to all and ones purchased but not installed will show as "purchased". This works across multiple devices too.

Bring back the paid apps tab!!! Can't stand having to look through every app I have downloaded (I know you can delete them off the list but just as much of a pain) to find the apps I bought three years ago.

It reminds me of the GB android market. I'm not complaining...the original market holds a special place because the old look reminds me of my first android. It looks like a nice holo-ified version of the original ui...and that's a really beautiful thing! I love this version....hope it leaks soon

Looks MUCH better than the current Play Store app. The current one looks hideous and doesn't share any design language with holo or Google's white card-like theme.

This new one looks a lot cleaner. Hope it gets pushed out soon.

The only version of the Market/Play Store app that I really hated was the Gingerbread-era one with that tremendous ugly lime-green header. Everything before and since has been good, but my god that one style was ugly.

Looks good to me but I prefer black interface as its better to see in the dark and notification updates and check boxes are great ideas guys

I'm getting more and more afraid of what Key Lime Pie is gonna bring in terms of looks. Google Keep and Google Play, both with the Holo light theme and lots of colors. I'm afraid they are gonna reduce the Holo dark theme a lot in KLP, even though I love the dark UI :'(