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Here at AC, we love Google Music, and some of us have it cranked high all day long while the lovingly sweet sounds of Led Zepplin or Motorhead coax us through the workday.  But I digress, and maybe that's only me.  We especially love it when changes get made to makes things easier, and today is a good day for easy.  Google has updated the Google Music Manager program to allow for easy downloading of songs you have uploaded or purchased from the Android Market.  Music Manager is the portion of the service you run on your computer to upload and manage your library, and we have to admit when compared to competitors like iTunes or Zune it's a little sparse.  

With today's update, you can download all your legitimately *cough* purchased and uploaded music with just a few button clicks.  Right click on the Music Manager in your system tray, open the options dialog and choose the "Download" tab.  From there you have the option to download your library.  If you've downloaded it before, you'll also have an option to only download newly added songs.  The tracks are saved in the folder you specify as 320 kbps .mp3 files.  Your songs still stay in the cloud, but now you've got a local copy as well.

In addition, server side changes now allow you to share the Youtube video for purchased songs with your Google+ circles.  Click the dropdown next to the song title to share the video with your circles, and they'll see it in their Google+ timeline.  Now if only the rest of the planet could use Google music, it would be perfect.

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New version of Google Music Manager allows easy downloading of purchased tracks


Wish they would allow the ability to sync the music instead of just upload once. If i make an edit to the mp3 tag, it doesn't get updated automatically in google music.

Yeah, that part sucks. From what i know you have to do it one by one from the browser. It would be good if they linked it to a music services so you can auto get album info,,,, kinda like in WMP

I'd be happy with some kind of "Force upload" button, for cases where you just need to refresh some tracks that have changed (or weren't uploaded the first time). There have already been two occasions when I've been forced to trick Google Music into re-syncing my entire library, which is a waste of time and bandwidth.

Its two times if done on the web, unlimited if done through the uploader program. Of course, if you do it through the uploader, it will download your entire collection. Currently no way to customize what songs get downloaded.

Being able to download purchased tracks has been in the music manager for a while.... glad to see that you can now download the entire library. This will come in handy to copy my library over to my other comp...

The ”download purchased music” button isn't new, as it's been there shortly after they launched the music store... What is new, however is the downloading of music that YOU uploaded to the cloud... (I wish it wasn't a batch download though... that sucks when you have a ton of music in the cloud like I do) on the Web GUI of things, if you click the option arrow on a song, group of songs album, ect... Then you have the option to download directly from the browser, but you can only do that twice per song, verses the music manager where you can download an unlimited amount of times...

I thought the same thing... the "download purchased music" has been there since I had an account.The download library function is something I know a few of my friends thought the service lacked since they needed a cloud backup of their music.

I wish they would add the ability to schedule your uploads. It is a pretty big bandwidth & resource hog & I'd love to have it do it's job while we're at work...

This was the only thing keeping me from buying music from their marketplace. Now I will gladly buy some, assuming I can find what I am looking for. Too many times, the bands or albums I am looking for are not available.

All I got from Music Manager was a directory structure in the folder location I wanted the music downloaded to on my computer. Not a single folder contains a file.

I've uploaded 289 songs, can't get any of them back... nor can I get the free songs I've added to my account.

What's the deal?