The set-top box is said to focus on games and web-content, with no live TV broadcast ability

A report today from The Information suggests that Google has a Nexus TV in the works, and plans to release it during the first half of 2014. According to an unnamed source who works at Google, the Android powered device will play games and display web broadcasts on your television, and come bundled with its own remote.

Interestingly, the device is said to not transmit live TV broadcasts, which would be a departure the the Google TV brand that Google is said to be abandoning. It appears that this time around, Google is going to focus on what they know best — the Internet and it's huge library of content. 

Google knows the living room is one of the next dominos to topple. An Android powered device that works closely with existing phones and tablets and shares the same Google Play library is something that's been rumored for a while. It's also something we would like to see happen. If these rumors are to be believed, we will soon. Hopefully, they won't price themselves out of the market again.

Source: The Information (paid content)


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New 'Nexus TV' rumor supports the idea that Google plans to stay in your living room


I really don't get the appeal of Chromecast, or this Nexus TV or Itunes movies. The HD quality of movies offered through out these streaming services, aren't very good. Blu-ray movies offer superior in video and audio department and they also include all these streaming services on the players.... Maybe in the future when internet speeds improve enough to offer a better HD experience, I may take this a bit more serious, but I can't find any reason to buy a device like chromecast or appletv.

Well, as a user of the Chromecast, I can honestly say that it competes and completely destroys all of its competition on price alone, let alone the fact that it's a completely wireless solution to stream content to your tv.

I've never had an issue with the quality of the streams. And, I won't buy a Blu-ray player, because I don't buy Blu-ray discs, despite the fact that most modern players have smart apps. Not to mention, using Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Google Movies is a way cheaper solution to buying movies at a fraction of the costs, when compared to viewing and/or purchasing Blu-ray's.

Just my opinion.

Posted from my "Gift from God" Nexus 5

Well I guess it's what the person is ok with seeing. I tried streaming 1080p content, downloaded the HD versions that come free with the Blu-ray movies and the quality doesn't compare. Streamed HD movies are very highly compressed and don't look anywhere near as good as its Blu-ray counterpart. Lossy audio too, which takes away from the experience for me. Also, Netflix tends to show movies in the incorrect aspect ratio when the films are wider than 1.78: I just prefer a really good picture quality when I'm viewing a movie on a Full HD tv. Also, Blu-ray movies are pretty cheap and you have a far greater selection of movies. They are also cheaper than movies you buy on Google play or iTunes for example. Plus, you own the physical copy as well.

I know that others prefer the lower quality of HD streaming on their HDTV over watching a high quality picture..... But that's like running Gingerbread on a brand new flagship phone for me :p lol.

Its good enough to give an acceptable experience. Most movies and shows just aren't worthy of blueray anyway.

Anything DVD quality or better and I'm good, tbh.

I get that DVD or better is good enough for you, we all have our own things we enjoy more than other things. The same goes for the people that purchase a cheap low end smart phone and say it is good enough.

Not really sure what did you mean that most movies and shows aren't worthy of Blu-ray though. Most movies and shows are filmed in resolutions higher than what Blu-ray offers, so for the moment, Blu-ray is the best delivery format.

Agreed, I'd like to see an Amazon Prime 'ish deal with Music, Movies/TV, and Books. Hopefully this will also play my local files.

Well maybe they should actually make chromecast available outside the US.

Posted via Android Central App

This is one thing I hate about Google, Why do you need another variation of an existing service you already have? Stick to one, and improve on it!

They are if both services are inferior. Netflix wouldn't set up another movie streaming company if they already have one would they.

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No, but offering a variety of levels of services at different price points makes all the business sense in the world, and is what Google is doing here. You'd have to be brain dead to not get the sense in that. Chromecast at $35, Nexus TV at $XXX.

Winter is coming. She's quite the screamer.

I want to know more details! Aside from games (no small thing), I don't really see how this is much different than Chromecast based on the info in this article. Assuming that by the middle of 2014 Chromecast has gotten more support, how will these two coexist?

Give me broader app support and streaming of live web video and chromecast is a killer device competing with the likes of Roku.

Playback of local content, integration with cable/satellite/antenna, games; and you're competing with cable providers, TiVo, STBs and gaming consoles. (I know this is a bit of a stretch).

Two different aproaches there. I wonder where this Nexus TV is headed.

Having been using Chromecast extensively, I want to see this little thing go places...

Not having to use your phone or PC to control it would be a nice plus.

HDMI Pass-through would be major.

Flash supp.... errr... scratch that. :(

Beefier proc and more memory can't hurt

Live streaming of local files

USB port for accessories (keyboard, local storage, etc)

Actual apps

Plus, it would likely have Chromecast functionality built in, from all the rumors I've heard over the last 6 months or so.

I see it as the upgrade to Chromecast.

What I think this should be is a combination of Google TV and Chromecast. It should still be able to do everything Google TV did, be able to stream content from other people who are connected to the same network like Chromecast does and even more, like video chat with Hangouts or any other chat app in the play store. It should also have Google Now support and great voice commands. If it has the power and storage to run any of the Android games, it should be an over all smooth user experience and let you easily switch between tasks with your voice, and even do two tasks at once still like watch TV or brows the web while on a video chat. I really hope Google doesn't make this a stripped down gaming box that requires us to switch to a different HDMI input to use. That would make the device dead on arrival to me and be a huge step backwards against what their competition is offering.

Games? Meh.
Web content? Already got it covered.
My Roku 3 embarrasses my Chromecast, which I haven't used in more than a month.

Posted from my HTC One GPe via Android Central App

It's a set-top box? I thought it from the headline that it wasa smart TV. I guess there guess a joke about if I should get a chromecast for that.

Posted via Android Central App

I would love to see twitch tv and justin tv supported on Chromecast or this new piece of technology

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I just wanna know the @mazing PRICE it's gonna start at!! I'm betting $299 or less...and this + a Nexus Smart watch!! I can't wait for 2014 :D

Posted using LG Nexus 5

I wouldn't be surprised if it was less than $100..... HD TVs are costing less than that these days.

Posted using LG Nexus 5

That sounds like a great price, but it's not terribly realistic, lol.

I'm guessing, something in the 200 dollar range. Cheaper than the older/current implementations, but priced accordingly to account for the gaming aspects of it.

Posted from my "Gift from God" Nexus 5

It is realistic. The most expensive parts of a phone these days are the display and radios. Neither would be needed for this. If they can sell a Chromecast at $35, they can sell a Google TV box at $100.

I wish Google would really get into the TV business so I could kick Crapcast to the curb. Monopolies suck. I can dream....

Posted via Android Central App on my white Nexus 4 with StraightTalk

If this thing doesn't at least have TV passthrough with HDMI and let me easily switch from TV to an app/game or do Hangouts in a window while watching TV or browsing the web, I'll be pretty disappointed. This thing should be able to do much of what the Xbox One does since Microsoft basically took the Google TV concept and expanded on it.

I couldn't agree more. The HDMI pass-through on Google TV was the key feature that I loved about Google TV. If they drop this feature they are just another STB and frankly there are much more mature options out there. I don't game but if Google drops this feature the Xbox One will be my next STB device. Just need more apps on the MS side... Have to say the Google is doing just way too many different things and like they say... Jack of all trades master of none.

exciting! I have enjoyed my Revue but knowing it's a dead device has put a clock on it's time in my entertainment center, I look forward to what Google brings. Like others I am hoping we see some kind of sub movie/TV option.

I have a Revue on one TV, and an Android Stick (Imito MX2) on the other. The Android stick is greatness for me. I'll probably replace the Revue with the second stick (Already purchased, too lazy to set it up) sometime soon.

Google's branding choice is weird. Nexus TV, chromecast, chrome TV, Google play music, YouTube music, chrome os, android... Its like they're designing stuff to compete with themselves.

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But then again, companies that have obsessively consistent branding start to sound kind of obnoxiously cutesy, you know? Apple with their iEverything, Samsung releasing everything as part of the Galaxy line... it starts to sound forced and repetitive.

I agree. But, I will say, as "cutesy" as it sounds, it's how a company creates and names its products that establishes an ecosystem.

Posted from my "Gift from God" Nexus 5

Hope it has good Google play app support. Notably Hola unblocker, so I can watch us netflix. Chromecast prohibits spoofing the location currently. Very annoying

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I'd never buy a dedicated Google TV. Dongles and external devices for me all the way. That way, I can upgrade cheaply.

Google is planning android TV? Seems that market graph of Amazon fire TV won’t raise at high stakes due to Google as its competitor. However on other-hand sales of Google Chrome-cast will not be affected at all. Planning’s of Google android TV are fantastic- when user-interface is concerned.

Hats-off to Goddess-Google! - For its approach in Android TV and honor of salute to your fabulous exploration of Google plans. At the revelation of Amazon Fire TV, I thought to avail myself with Fire TV Set-Top Box but Google has finally changed my mind!!

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