Nationwide official app

Nationwide Insurance has finally ported its mobile claims app to Android phones. The app has been available on iOS for some time and allows Nationwide customers to use their phone to submit a claim after being in a car accident. Users enter their login info into the app and can then submit a claim, get contact info for their agent, and even check up on the progress of an ongoing claim. Full download links are just past the break. [BusinessWire]


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Nationwide launches official Android app


Yeah, but it kind of says something about your driving if you have your insurance company on speed dial.... ;-)

I imagine this gets used AFTER the fact more often then not.

Any chance the store will be carrying Nook Color cases anytime soon? I would rather give you guys the business to help support all of the SPE sites.

Okay, how many insurance claims do you make that you need an app constantly on your phone for that purpose? It's my goal in life to interact with my insurance agent and company as little as possible.

This seems like an ingenious solution to a problem that just barely exists.

The app is actually more than the accident toolkit. It allows our customers to log in and access details for their insurance and investment accounts, access a digital insurance card and quickly access their agent's contact information.

We also have a mobile website for those that don't see the need to have a dedicated app installed on their phone, but that can't advantage of the camera and GPS the way we can in our native iPhone and Android apps.

Shawn Morton, Nationwide I said: an ingenious solution to a (set of) problem(s) that barely exists.

Congratulations, though. You seem very proud of it.

I don't know about other states, but in Pennsylvania we're required by law to carry an insurance card in the car and present it in the event of an accident or being stopped for a traffic violation. It has all the insurance company's information, which is the entire point of the card. I highly, HIGHLY doubt that law enforcement will accept an app in lieu of a paper card. I don't need an app to take photos with embedded GPS data. Because of this, an app is essentially pointless.