We know next to nothing about this Android-powered MID (pictured above) other than the fact that we wouldn't mind using one and that it looks exactly like an iPhone, right down to the black border and chrome trim. The MID also looks to include SD card expansion, a couple of buttons, and maybe even phone capabilities. Yeah, vague, we know.

Overall, we're going to keep an eye on this completely unknown device because as much as an Android tablet is noteworthy, an iPhone-look-a-like Android tablet is even better.

What do you guys think? Straight rip off? Interesting?

[via engadget]

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Mysterious Android Powered MID Spotted, Looks Like The iPhone


Well erhm, I remember reading Google wanted to connect everything together. Like you'd be able to check how much is left inside of your fridge. This could be a digital photo stand with an android operating system.

Though after taking a better look, this is highly possible to become a real iPhone rival. If they give it a good processor that just doesn't lag any of the interfaces (which most android devices still do - the choppy movements you may see using some of the HTC Hero Sense's contacts interfaces) then they're all set.

How can you claim something is "better" based on looks alone??? Even more... how does making a device look like an iPhone make it good at all?