Myriad Alien Dalvik

Myriad's Alien Dalvik is quite possibly the best-named app in the history of crazy apps you'll likely never actually use. Confused yet? If you haven't heard of Myriad, it's the company that brought us the Myriad Dalvik Turbo -- kind of a souped up virtual machine for Android that lets things run faster than when using the stock Dalvik Virtual Machine.

And now we have the Alien Dalvik, which lets Android applications run on other devices. Yeah, you read that right. Alien technology indeed. After the break, Myriad's provided a video demo of it running on a Nokia N900. Definitely check it out. [Myriad]

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Myriad Alien Dalvik runs Android apps on non-Android devices


It took me three comments of yours to figure out what you're talking about. I still don't understand the validity of your argument. If you have, for example, N900 then you can run Android apps. It is as simple as that. Saves you from buying a new phone.

He kept refreshing his browser to see if anybody thought he was cool. After the third refresh he realized he wasn't.