Google's having some last-minute power issues this morning, leading to the scheduled "Morning with Google+" event starting around 30 minutes late. Nevertheles, you'll find Google's livestream embedded above for your viewing pleasure. The video features Google VP Vic Gundotra walking through some new features Google+, including photo enhancements and changes to Hangouts.

Update: The stream has now finished, but you can replay the event in full above. The presentation begins around 12 minutes and 30 seconds in.

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GreyCelt says:

I just found out that, apparently, live streaming doesn't work on Chromecast. :-P

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a2Squard says:

I can't get it to work from my PC Chrome browser either :-/

Alex Dobie says:

The stream isn't live just yet.

GreyCelt says:

So, does that mean that once it starts it should stream to my Chromecast?

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Alex Dobie says:

I don't see why not. It's just a regular YouTube stream.

cporier91 says:

Thanks Alex

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GreyCelt says:

Thanks Alex!

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Chromecast doesn't support livestreams I think...

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etp_rapgaroo says:

Yes chromecast doesnt support youtube livestream.. cud have been great if it was supported

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sarriola says:

But you could still bring up the livestream in Chrome and then send the Chrometab to you Chromecast device. right?

Vizualize says:

Yes, that is how u do it. I watched it on my chromecast.

Ry says:


Ryandroid86 says:

WOOOOAAAHHHHH!!!!!!! <--- the reaction Im hoping for.

Finally we get to see why Vic Gundotra couldn't sleep!!!

Alex Dobie says:

Google is preparing to stream a 60 minute exposé of a lumpy matress.

mstrblueskys says:

Or sleep-number infomercial.

jdevenberg says:

I can't help but think that people are going to be severly disappointed after this event. People want Nexus 5 news and I doubt we'll get it here. Google will unviel cool new Google+ features that are useful and people will complain that it isn't the Nexus 5.

cporier91 says:


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Ryandroid86 says:

I think they are separating everything to eventually bring it all together in the end. I wouldnt be surprised if the Android 4.4 kit kat event is separate from the Hardware event.

Who knows. But I dont think we will ever understand or figure out Google madness.

dazr87 says:

agreed! lol

They could announce the new Nexus 5 and 10 and a feature list of KitKat and give all viewers a $100 play store credit and people would still complain. Just let Google do their thing.


Exactly, thanks for being smart

brendilon says:

Who is expecting Nexus 5 news? I thik people are expectign Hangouts news, which makes a lot more sense.

mstrblueskys says:

Complaining about people complaining before people complain. Let's see how it plays out!

hmmm says:

Cool and Google+ in the same sentence? No...

dwd3885 says:

Might be true. But Google is to blame. When people want to hear about Android/Nexus, it doesn't do any good to announce new G+ features during an event before Nexus.

Anyone who complains about this having watched a Google+ event doesn't deserve people listening to those complaints ;-) 

If it was a phone related event it wouldn't have been a Google+ event!

I like when my day's off coincide with a tech event.. it happens so rarely

Iammedina says:

I agree!!!

GreyCelt says:

Any time would be good now... Ain't nobody got time fo this!

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Ryandroid86 says:

hahaha +1

Google events ALWAYS start late. I don't understand... Half an hour now?! REALLY?!

I can't even get on to their Google+ page. Kind of ironic.

yaggermr says:

An Afternoon or possible Event with Google+

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yaggermr says:

An Afternoon or possible Evening with Google+

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GreyCelt says:

And here we goooooooo

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stiemkeca says:

I love the YouTube page:

17,539 are watching...a static image with a cup of coffee.


xgalalx says:


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it begins!

Dom Haa says:

doesn't work for me :(

brendilon says:

GIFs and SMS integration in Hangouts. Perfect.

Ry says:

There we go. SMS integration.

Man no mobile voice calling via Google Voice in Hangouts? I was hoping for that.

GreyCelt says:

We can hipsterize our video hangouts! WHOOOHOOOOO!

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Yeah I guess that was more important than GV calls.

canito63 says:

Using a Macbook to do the presentation, lmao!

spock123 says:

Next up: Tim Cook will use a Chromebook for his next presentation :)

They couldn't have shown off their high-end Nik Software photo editor on a Chromebook haha. But it is kinda funny. Would have been super ironic had they used a MS Surface Pro lol.

Goes to show they are open to all technology, heck some of their best stuff is on ios.

patrixl says:

I think we need to realize one important thing: the enmity between Apple and Google exists in customers only, it's a marketing tool. Both companies do not hate each other, they do business together and have many deals and contracts - same for Apple and MS, Apple and Samsung, etc.

It was only a few years ago that Google announced that they would stop providing employees with Windows PCs for their work and switch to Mac and Linux, and everyone rejoiced. Now it's a sin for Google employees to use a Macbook?

I'm also reminded of the time I visited the Google campus to take pics of the Android statues, there was a woman working outside the building with her Macbook Pro, and I asked her kindly to take a pic of me. Afterwards I thanked her and said I was on my way to the Apple campus and she warned me not to say the A-word while on the Google grounds! I then pointed to her Macbook Pro and she laughed sheepishly.. hahahah

I don't buy into this whole war. It's ridiculous and lame! Both platforms are awesome in their own way, both have merit, and I actually enjoy benefits of both OS X and Android. I don't need to subscribe to any ideology and avoid using a really good laptop (Macbook Air) just because I like my Android devices, or vice-versa. In fact, diversifying my IT environment is _good_ because it keeps me from being locked into a particular vendor or OS, which in the long-term is good becuase my data is open and accessible no matter what OS I choose, for example.

It's like Samsung. You know why they sold so much and became the top Android vendor? Ideology. They polarized people, made it a Samsung underdog vs Apple oppressor war, and it fired people's imaginations and led to them gaining more marketshare. Apple did the same in the PC era, Steve Jobs did it masterfully in the iMac era, and it worked. It works. BUt realize, it's all marketing. At the end of the day, Tim Cook and Eric Schmidt are meeting up for coffee and roll up some cigars made of dollar bills, your dollar bills, and laugh together at all our posts on these blogs and forums, if they're even aware of it...

Why is the Galaxy Nexus being used in demonstration photos? No Nexus 4?

Eddster says:

They finally made SMS integration official for Hangouts!!!

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sabre1982 says:

Surely they could have attempted to cover up the logo on the Macbook? ;)

Wobblin30 says:

They're not ashamed to admit that Windows 8 sucks!

MUFColin says:

But they have their own OS...

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...Which they couldn't have used to show off their high-end Nik Suite of photo editing software. So their next best choice was a Mac lol.

eahinrichsen says:

We should've had a betting pool for the number of times he'd say "amazing" in this presentation.

Deke218 says:

The New Auto Awesome... All those features are included with the camera on the Note 3.

jlievre says:

Too bad for HTC Zoes ... Even when HTC does something great! it'll be done by a Google Service instead...

GreyCelt says:

And, did I miss the part of when this is all going to be available?

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Is it over?

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rattatatat says:

no nexus news?


rudyy50 says:

The inability to Chromecast this leaves me disappointed; disappointed in Google and disappointed in the Chromecast. Maybe in 2013 we'll get that ability.

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DavidJ726 says:

They better hurry, down to the last 2 months in 2013.

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mayconvert says:

Thought all of this was updating today? G+ and hangouts etc. I did DL snapseed today. pretty cool.
The only update I got today was for Moto Touchless Control