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moradroid says:

Its just not the same :(

gatorboi352 says:

What's even better is typing her name into the search at Youtube

LGiusti84 says:


She's using a shirt with the "other N word"

Whats that it? jaja

unclegeek says:

Is it wrong to prefer this "format"?
Let's vote!

moradroid says:


Touchpaddle says:


the old format of Monday Brief videos were really good...

in fact, I have always been looking forward to Mondays...

AndroidCentral was ALWAYS the first website that
I visit first thing every Monday morning....

Now I'm sad.... :( Monday has become the boring
day it once was.... :(

+3. Kevin should fire this boring woman immediately~


(I seriously can't win with you guys, so I stopped trying and now just wear whatever the hell I feel like. Blame the dudes who call me a whore every week, and then they can blame you for wanting the bewbs back!)


moradroid says:

Ashely, don't get me wrong. You are a beautiful intelligent woman. I will keep watching. Obviously I am here for the tech news.I would be browsing a different site if all I wanted is boobs.
All I am saying is that its just not the same: Not as fun as it used to be. You just made it more interesting and unique.
What do you care what the negative people think? Focus on the good comments. I remember reading more compliments than complaints.
Don't let the jealous idiots run the show.

LGiusti84 says:

+1 (To this last comment)

unclegeek says:

I can get how public feedback can make a person rethink their personal branding.. but I also believe when you develop a following with such a successful format that sticking to your guns for the majority that appreciate you is quite admirable and rewarding. I'm sure most celebs get an occasional jerk that makes a lewd comment showing off their own insecurities.. but because they (celebs) know who they are, they let those comments roll off and keep on marching. You have a unique advantage in this space over say, Georgia.. pretty much defining the "sexy tech news show".. you're in a public forum consisting of (guessing) 90% hetero-males.. your style made the news fun and exciting.. and yet tasteful.. you know in your own mind that what you were doing was no where close to acting like a whore.. so it's a shame the name calling made you feel insecure in what you did. The rest of us would like to punch those puerile f*#ks for making you second guess your style and feel intimidated. Now the majority lose out and I have a feeling, you're not having as much fun with your job either now.

mr nruz says:

looking beautiful as always

jbecerril says:

Does the way she say "Nokia" bug anyone else or is just me?

jackinit says:

What the hell is this??? I am sure the views are way down. Bring back the juggs! I used to watch on mute, now I cant even do that!

Touchpaddle says:

I only visit this website to read the articles, reviews and the forums.

That's the same reason I still have a subscription to the printed copy
of P******y magainze. They have some real great articles and interviews
in that great magazine.

Touchpaddle says:

P.S. does anybody know how a real Finnish woman pronounces "Nokia" ?????

Jonneh says:

love the shirt!