Find as many words as possible in the puzzle and see how you rank

Microsoft has just released one of its casual gaming titles, Wordament, into the Play Store so folks on Android can now challenge those on Windows Phone and iOS. Wordament is a word search game similar to other titles like Scramble With Friends or the tabletop game "Boggle," but with a large community leaderboard aspect. Rather than taking on individual players, everyone around the world playing the game plays the same puzzles and competes for the high scores on a single leaderboard.

The game looks and plays the same on Android as it does on the other platforms, and is pretty easy to pick up and get started with. In order to get into the leaderboards you'll need to sign in to Wordament with either your Facebook or Xbox Live account (sorry, no Google+ here at the moment) but you can play as a guest if you don't care about where you rank amongst the crowd.

The game is free with a few ads, unfortunately, and seems to have some lag issues on particular devices (namely the HTC One) but it seems like a nice casual game and we're glad Microsoft is bringing its title cross-platform.

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Microsoft's game Wordament makes its way to Google Play


That's good news. Wordament is one of my favorite games. I don't play much on phones or tablets (mainly PC) but this is an awesome time killer and provides great challenge. I hope it's as good as the Windows Phone or Windows 8 version.

I noticed quite some lag on a GS2 compared to a first gen vastly inferior WP7 I have. Wordament was the only thing I missed from WP7 and was delighted to see it on Google Play. Hopefully they iron out the lag soon.

Wordament was one of the few bright spots on Windows Phone. It is my favorite phone word game. I'm glad I'll be able to play it again.

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I found on my HTC One that disabling game sounds on the Help and Options screen solved the lag problem. I've seen this same problem on lots of other games on my One. I'm so happy Wordament is finally here, I love this game!

Thanks for the tip! I played this game to death on my Focus S and was sad to see it so buggy on the One. It works great for new now.

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Is this essentially the same premise as WordHero? Because if so, and if this one is buggy, then it's worth checking that one out. It's a pretty well made game in its own right, but it's cool that this one is cross platform.

30 years in the future? Is it true, that Google plans to turn us all into Androids, to cure world hunger??

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NSA has sent you an email. Please gather your belongings. That is all citizen

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A few weeks... Fine.

A month or two... Pushing it.

Ten months after release on iOS... Might as well not have bothered.
There's no excuse for this kind if thing. It's a damn word game for Christ's sake. Not some super graphically intensive shooter or something. Sure it connects with Xbox live and that needs to be secure but I seriously doubt months were needed to do this.

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Yes. It came out for iOS last December. I'm not even counting how long it was only on windows phone.

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It's a well polished version of a game I used to play on 2.3. Well done!

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Downloaded, played, uninstalled. Hated the icon and waiting between rounds. Sad, because I live word games.

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