Google Hotpots

Tucked into Google's official blog post on the most recent update to Google Maps is a little bit about Google Hotpots. No, we didn't misspell that. Head to and you can rate local places -- restaurants and the like -- from the safety and comfort of your Web browser. And they go with your on your smarpthone, too.

There's a five-star rating system and smiley-face/frowny-face options on food, service, atmosphere and value. Next step: Check-ins. (By the way: If you're even in Pensacola, don't miss McGuire's.) [Google Lat-Long blog]

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Coolaaron88 says:

Phil, I wanna know how good Five guys Burgers and Fries is. I follow you on Foursquare and it looks like a really good 50's burger joint. If only they had them in Las Vegas where I am xD

Smokexz says:

They have em here in Florida I went Saturday and they were closed due to a natural gas leak! I swear though, they look just so good.

Coolaaron88 says:

They sound really good. They need to expand out west xD

wesles says:

Five guys is good but Burger and beer joint is much better.

EvanJ18 says:

natural gas is the secret ingredient. i just moved to CT from RI and there are quite a few here and i just tried them for the first time last week. SLAMMIN!

Too new here to make the list, but I like 'em. And no Five Guys in Vegas?!?!?! Might have to cancel the CES trip. :p

Coolaaron88 says:

No please come out for CES, Id love to meet you. Im going as well! xD

BlackHawkA4 says:

once you have 5 guys you'll never eat another burger again

crabjoe says:

They've been in my area for years and they are good. The secret is the fatty patties!

5 Guys uses never frozen 80/20 ground beef cooked on a griddle. This makes the patties really juicy in fat, making them really taste. It can really clog your arteries so don't eat to many!

Mmmmmm. Mcguires! Lot the Shepard's pie! And an Irish wake!

Had a Ruben at McGuires (Destin) the other day. Love that place. Have never been able to find the first dollar I gave them. NY Strip is the best.

I'm told they are required to take the bills down once a year for tax reasons. Lol.

I really thought that was a typo, interesting name Google.

fillossofer says:

Jackson's is the best restaurant ever.

dacp283 says:

Give guys is fantastic! Got em here in texas :) guess I need to go rate.

otto says:

So true! There is nothing like In N Out!

Ry says:

Five Guys now has various locations in Southern California. It's good, but it's still no In N Out, the best burger chain - ever.

Double Double with Cheese please. In-n-Out rules, grew up in SoCal, but here in the Bible Belt we have none. So Five Guys is the best here. Whataburger sucks, unlessi it is 3-5am and you are wasted.

silvra7 says:

I think someone at Google had Amsterdam on their mind.

dwhitman says:

I'm trying to decide whether Phil is attempting some complex meta-joke here. After poking fun at this Google feature's name missing a letter, his short post contains at least two instances of extra or mis-typed letters.

"And they go with youR on your smarpthone, too."

"If you're eveN in Pensacola, don't miss McGuire's."

dougeetx says:

Is that url correct?