Google Hotpots

Tucked into Google's official blog post on the most recent update to Google Maps is a little bit about Google Hotpots. No, we didn't misspell that. Head to and you can rate local places -- restaurants and the like -- from the safety and comfort of your Web browser. And they go with your on your smarpthone, too.

There's a five-star rating system and smiley-face/frowny-face options on food, service, atmosphere and value. Next step: Check-ins. (By the way: If you're even in Pensacola, don't miss McGuire's.) [Google Lat-Long blog]


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Meet Google Hotpots -- (Local hot spots, only missing a letter)


Phil, I wanna know how good Five guys Burgers and Fries is. I follow you on Foursquare and it looks like a really good 50's burger joint. If only they had them in Las Vegas where I am xD

They have em here in Florida I went Saturday and they were closed due to a natural gas leak! I swear though, they look just so good.

natural gas is the secret ingredient. i just moved to CT from RI and there are quite a few here and i just tried them for the first time last week. SLAMMIN!

They've been in my area for years and they are good. The secret is the fatty patties!

5 Guys uses never frozen 80/20 ground beef cooked on a griddle. This makes the patties really juicy in fat, making them really taste. It can really clog your arteries so don't eat to many!

Had a Ruben at McGuires (Destin) the other day. Love that place. Have never been able to find the first dollar I gave them. NY Strip is the best.

Five Guys now has various locations in Southern California. It's good, but it's still no In N Out, the best burger chain - ever.

Double Double with Cheese please. In-n-Out rules, grew up in SoCal, but here in the Bible Belt we have none. So Five Guys is the best here. Whataburger sucks, unlessi it is 3-5am and you are wasted.

I'm trying to decide whether Phil is attempting some complex meta-joke here. After poking fun at this Google feature's name missing a letter, his short post contains at least two instances of extra or mis-typed letters.

"And they go with youR on your smarpthone, too."

"If you're eveN in Pensacola, don't miss McGuire's."