The Masters Golf Tournament on Android

The Masters golf tournament starts this week in Augusta, Georgia, and the official Android app has been revamped so you can keep an eye on the action. The player section now has visual player stats and media, the tee times section now includes player photography, a liveblog feed has been added to their U.S.-only live video section, and a full tournament schedule has been added to the app.

All of the other features are there that you might expect, such as tons of video and audio content, scores and leaderboards, course information, and live news updates. Any golfers out there excited for The Masters? Get downloading at the link above to follow a busy, busy week.

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Nice to put it up early. I used it last year. Really a nice app.

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Erckul says:

+1on the app being ready so soon! I'll definitely use this again this year.

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bjsstranger says:

I totally love these sports apps. Now if only some of the other major sports would modify their existing broadcast contracts my sports viewing life would be happy. I would totally pay to be able to watch my tigers anywhere. Really wish there wasn't local blackout rules...

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Got 3 bets on furyk hanson and lynn see what happens Sunday.

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notedude3 says:

No golf

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