Marvel Comics

Here she be, folks -- the official Marvel Comics Android app! You can now get all of your favorite superheroes and villans -- more than 1,400 issues in all, in the safety and comfort of your Android smartphone or tablet.

Your downloads are backed up on Marvel's website, so switching devices won't make you lose what you've purchased. There are free previews available as well. We've got your download links after the break.

Source: Marvel; Thanks, Deathtron5000!


Reader comments

Marvel Comics Android app available now


Dark Horse currently has 4 comics in the Comixology application vs the 100s they have avaliable through Dark Horse Digital.

One issue I noticed is you need to be signed in to view comics (so no offline viewing). Granted you have connectivity most of the time, but what about being on a train?

Regarding with Comixology app (which now should include Marvel) is if you solely wanted to view Marvel or DC comics you can get an app for that, but Dark Horse and Image you have to use a combined app.

This app has NO support for the "unlimited" subscription service! EPIC FAIL! You have to buy each comic individually. They need to fix this ASAP!

Works great on my phone but is prompting a force close on my Streak 7 running Honeycomb, even after an uninstall, reinstall. I saw comments in the Android Market noting the same issue. Seems like a fatal flaw for a comics app to not function on a tablet UI.