Although most of us love our Google Maps Navigation, it never hurts to have a second option. MapQuest has unveiled their Android app, which brings free turn-by-turn navigation with voice guidance for both walking and driving, voice search, and live traffic updates. It also brings along OpenStreetMap, which allows users to make changes and updates to the map on the fly virtually anywhere. It's available for all phones running at least Android 1.6, so head on over to the Android Market to get your download on. Direct download link after the break. [MapQuest]


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MapQuest for Android brings free turn-by-turn navigation


Never hurts to look, just feels dirty. Lol

Wow! The comments are horrible. The application itself isn't that bad. Of course some of the comments are probably from people using old equipment or at least underpowered. My DX handles it fine. All in all I am sticking with Google, just so much easier. And better. Havent used Mapquest on my computer since 2001! Better effort than the Words With Friends fiasco.

I like how Google's works but I like my Sprint Telenav's voice better. I will probably check this one out.

Pretty much. I haven't heard anything good about this app. I do wish Verizon would offer their navigation for free. It should be included with the $30 data.

Mapquest = HELL NO. My history with Mapquest has been less then, positive. So much so that I'd sooner user dead reckoning then use Mapquest.