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Kinda no way to sugar coat this: Logitech views the Revue and Google TV as a big fat failure, with CEO Guerrino De Luca telling investors and analysts this week that it "cost us dearly" -- to the tune of some $100 million in profits.

In a long and winding statement, De Luca tells of the pain of being an early adopter along with the rest of us. He sums it up nicely with this quote:

To make the long story short, we thought we had invented slice bread and we just made them. We’ve made commitment we just build a lot because we expected everybody to line up for Christmas and buy these boxes $300 that was a big mistake. I would do it again, I would definitely want to have Google establish Google TV, but with a significantly smaller and more prudent approach. It’s always the case people will tend to overestimate the short-term and underestimate the long-term.

Google TV or a child of Google TV or the grandchild of Google TV will happen. The integration of television in Internet is inevitable. But the idea that it would happen overnight in Christmas 2010 was very misguided and that also [cost] us dearly. As you know, we dramatically reduced the price of the box to what we thought the consumers valued it and actually doing fine.

While Logitech didn't quite give Google TV the middle finger, it's certainly taking its ball and going home (or, more accurately, focusing on its other products for now). It's unclear what other partners might step up for Google TV. Sony's been less than enthusiastic, and the lone Samsung TV we saw nearly a year ago remains just that -- a lone Samsung TV we saw nearly a year ago.

Source: Logitech, Seeking Alpha transcript (1, 2); via The Verge

Update: The $100 million referenced was for costs beyond the scope of just Google TV and the Revue. We've changed the headline and struck through the text to reflect.


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Logitech has a Come to Jesus meeting, says Google TV 'cost us dearly'


Christmas 2010 was very misguided and that also --caused-- us dearly. HOpe "Caused" wasn't a part of that direct quote.... But at $300 EVERYONE said it was wayyyy overpriced that that point in time.

Then that's just a matter of effort, because you've proven to have the grammatical skills...

jus sayn

Well, maybe if GoogleTV will get off it's butt and send out the Honeycomb update to all GTV devices, we can get some new excitement and interest generated.

" We’ve made commitment we just build a lot because we expected everybody to line up for Christmas and buy these boxes $300 that was a big mistake. "


I think Sony has been more enthuastic about GoogleTV than anyone else. I actually want to get the Sony Blu-ray player. I already have the Revue.

The failure of Google TV has been the lack of support from both the manufacturers and Google.

We were promised an official Market 11 months ago.

Still waiting for an official release on the Revue.

To this day, I STILL DON'T know wtf GoogleTV is. I keep up on most Technews and information but know nothing about GoogleTV.

Based on what appears to be the content of the quote from Logitech, they don't seem like a bright bunch. I think Google and the manufacturers have somewhat failed us. And to all the people still anxious for their Honeycomb update, try and be patient. It isn't everything we hoped for and dreamed of.

What in the World does this have to do with the Release Date of my Kal-El Tegra 3 Quinta-Core Samsung Galaxy SIII on Verizon's 4G LTE Network ???

Flash Bailing!? Sir, you need some facts in your life. ADOBE, the makers of FLASH, are discontinuing the support of FLASH so the can start paving the way for AIR and HTML5... Mind you this was a call GOOGLE made years ago when the came out with CROME. ADOBE (again, the makers of FLASH...not sure how a line of code can "bail" on a company but...meh) saw that Google was right about how the way the world communticated was going to change forever in the next few years and ADOBE was smart enough to fall in line. Even Steve Jobs agreed to this fact. Google has more than rooted it's self into telecoms and for you to jump to a conclution and say it is a FAD based on a failure-to-launch product is more than foolish. Is anyone here savvy to Apple TV??? For most of you the answer is "NO". The world isn't ready for internet TV. Just as we were not ready for laser disc. But if it wasn't for laser disc where would you be...Oops! No Blu-Ray.

Logitech is giving up on their future. There is an opening in the market for a Google TV and what it has to offer. Instead of dragging their feet and b&tching about it, Logitech should be pushing out the update and refreshing their inventory. This may be the last Logitech device I purchase and looks like I will moving to Sony for the rest of my electronics.

no there isn't. You have XBOX that blows the doors off Google TV's content. You have the PS3 that does the same with blu ray and streaming from Hulu, Netflix and on network sources, you have Apple TV that has a butt load of content.

Where does that leave Google TV? Google is late to the game and at this point OEMs know damn well about google's shove out updates every 6 months. Its costing them dearly when it comes to development costs because everyone screams I WANT MY UPDATE. I'm willing to bet this is part of the reason people haven't picked up on Google TV.

What in the world are you talking about? I have an XBox, 2 Wifi Blu-ray players, and a Revue and I like my Revue a whole lot more than everything else.

What exactly does XBox have that "blows the doors off of GoogleTV"? Hulu? Big deal! ESPN3? You have to have ESPN on your regular service provider to begin with. What's the point of that?

Now I did get an update on my Panasonic WiFi Blu-ray player last week that added a market and a ton of games and apps that is sort of cool, but once GoogleTV gets updated with the Android Market, the Revue will still be better than everything else I have.

I pretty much got one for $50. I had a $50 coupon from Logitech off of any order over $100 so I bought a Revue and a set of speakers for $29.99 and got everything for $79.98 with free shipping.

I wanted one for the longest time, but $300 without a Blu Ray Player is joke. I waited till the Sony Google TV - Blu Ray combo was $200. I love it, but spending $400 or $500 dollars on a box is stupid. Idk what they were thinking.

*shrugs* No content = No one giving a crap about it. I'm sorry but I I see a paralleled between google TV / Revue and Honeycomb / Xoom. In both cases I'm willing to bet Google is behind the rush to market.

Logitech's handling of the Revue is making me seriously question buy anything from Logitech again. I love the Revue. I think it works great, except in one area. Logitech's Media Player is pretty bad. The main reason I'm looking so forward to the update is to get a new media player, and all Logitech has said about the update, back in Oct., was that it was coming "in a few weeks." They're still saying, "in a few weeks" and we're well into November. I fully expect them to still be saying it come December.

Logitech - let's see....

Destroyed Ultimate Ears by putting out a $20 product, when it was a high end musician type product.

Never seemed to do anything with squeezebox.

Has not killed Harmony remotes quite yet, but they are pricing the better ones at $200 - $400+, which for most consumers is too high.

Has yet to update Google TV, priced it way too high out the gate. It's an obvious competitor to Roku, not a $300 piece of equipment. Last Christmas nearly every Blu-Ray player had the streaming services most people would want and were priced cheaper than the Logitech Revue topped with the fact Google TV was not maerketed very well at all. The Sony one with the Blu-Ray player should have been around $250 last Christmas and it might have sold well, Logitechs maybe $129 at launch.

Logitech needs to stick to their roots, I have a lot of their stuff I really like but the track record lately has not been great imo.

I agree with you about GoogleTV not being marketed well. I've mentioned a few times that I have a Revue and someone usually mentions that they have Roku. While the Revue may be a competitor of the Roku, I wouldn't say visa versa is true (at least not in my eyes).

The whole point of the Revue for me is the fact that you have a browser. If Microsoft would come out with a browser for the XBox, then I would probably use it more than the Revue because the XBox's processing capabilities are probably a little better than the Revue's, but until then I still like GoogleTV and the Revue better.

I also agree that the Revue probably should have been closer to the $150 range at launch and the Sony Blu-ray player probably $250 like you said.

I was going to get one this month, waiting for Honeycomb update. Now I want make sure Logitech isn't going to abandon the product.

GoogleTV Team just tweated this: "Those of you who can't wait for our big software update to reach your Logitech Revue, stay tuned! It's coming in the next few weeks."

"next few weeks," "next few weeks" - blah blah blah. Not holding my breath on this, but oh well - I use my Revue to search Dish's program guide, set recordings, and watch Netflix / YouTube / Amazon VoD. That's about it, and it works beautifully for that.

I'm I the only one that really likes Google TV? Even without the update I'm still completely happy.

Here's something I might buy. A STB that replaces my Fios box, maybe with a cablecard slot. Does HD, is a DVR, and is also a Google TV device. THAT I would pay $300 for. I pay $15/month for the Fios box. Cablecard is $4. So $300/$11 means I'd recover the cost of the box in a little over 2 years. Essentially a Tivo but with GoogleTV. I'm really surprised nobody's made a DVR with Google TV (I know Dish has one, I mean a general-purpose one).

All those postings last year of all things rosy with Google TV and now the reality. Folks here still don't get it.

You folks have zero idea what it takes to make a successful product, and all your opinions from the past just went to show that ignorance.

This was made by nerds, for nerds, and no one else. Little piece of info you guys keep missing, and always fail on. Figure it out that the rest of the world does not revolve around you and that your opinions on what's the next must-have tech certainly is more (and often) wrong on so many levels.

Unless you're hoping that the companies making all that failed tech simply does a Touchpad and sells everything for pennies on the dollar so you can have your 5-minute attention-span fix.

On the other hand, the Kevin Bacon commercials were funny...

If you don't gamble big, you don't win big. These companies are all striving to become the next big platform with the current kings of media all trying to keep them down...

which is precisely what happened. The google tv experiment was done in by potentially anti-competitive practices from NBC, CBS and ABC... Intentionally disallowing media viewing based on platform? Why is that legal?

Anyway, the point is that Logitech wanted to gamble with Google and win, like HTC and Samsung did, but they didn't win and now for some reason they want to cry about it in public. F* off Logitech, there are no guaranteed winners.

It's legal because it's their content. And their whining because Google TV was such a huge embarrasing fail. Remember when more of them were returned instead of sold?

I've been planning on buying one as soon as I see the honeycomb update out. I'm sure I'm one many waiting.

Google, Logitech, and the rest remind me of some rich geek that just bought a fully souped-up muscle car. First time behind the wheel, floor it, burn out, lose control, and wreck it. Hopefully it's not totalled, because I just bought a Revue in anticipation of Honeycomb.

The problem that Logitech has; is the same one that every other technical manufacturer does.. Create a product, throw it out there and work on the next one. Ignore the old one and hope that people will go buy the newer one when it is released.. What they fail to remember is that to keep the interest of the consumer, is to at least provide the support for the existing product. I'm not saying support it, update it, and keep it forever; but at least live up to the expectations you set out there. To release a product and forget the buyers is what kills your possible business or word of mouth traffic. I bought a Revue a few months ago and love it. I have been patiently waiting for the Honeycomb update. I bought my Revue because I felt it would be the best way to go. I've even recommended it to friends especially for $99.. It's has great possibilities. In other words... Release the Damn Update already.. Then watch how fast you start selling your product..

Sadly, I think googletv wasnt good from the beginning. It was missing lots of features, it lost hulu very early, there were no apps, didnt use or took advantage of android devices, very expensive and it wasnt even pretty or easy to use. even apple tv was nicer since it was small and offer renting and buying movies and tv shows, it had netflix, pandora and it works great with iphone and very well priced.
Then google didnt even care about this product. I dont blame logitech, they gave a great product, much better than sony's google tv. They took retail space in bestbuys around the nation and their demos were.much better than sony's. some of us think that honeycomb would have helped these devices, but I think it would be wrong, thesr are not the same devices, as tablets and smartphones. they should have opened a new market for tv apps, there are many think that could have been done.
At the end it was a beta version that wasnt good.

What the heck are you talking about? The device is very sleek and attractive. It comes with a light weight keyboard/touchpad, what could be easier than that? It also works with any Android device once you install the remote app, plus it has Netflix and Pandora preinstalled. I honestly have no idea where you're getting your information from.

I am not one to jump first onto a bandwagon. If that was the case, I would have beta tapes and HD-DVDs. GoogleTV is finally becoming something better than Roku and Apple TV. Finally can I buy a Logitech Revue for $100 (same price for top-model Roku and Apple TV), back in Christmas 2010, the Revue was selling for $300--might as well get another PS3 and some games for that price or an Blu-Ray with Netflix and Hulu apps.

I'm been looking for the past two weeks in either getting the Sony Google TV or Logitech Revue, and as of two days ago I had committed to getting the Revue. But after reading this article it makes me doubt the Logitech's long term commitment to Revue (possibly Google TV). Which is making me doubt in spending my money on alternate entertainment providers and sticking with DirecTV.