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True to their word of a Q2 release, Lenovo has started to push out the Ice Cream Sandwich update for their Thinkpad tablet. Owners across the UK and Western Europe are the first to see it, with the OTA update rolling out now. US owners shouldn't have to wait much longer either, with US certification pegged for June 8, with a full global release a month or so after that. 

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Lenovo Thinkpad update to Ice Cream Sandwich starting to appear in Europe


Any word on the K1 Ideapad getting ICS? I'm kinda wishing I would've waited a bit longer and gotten a different tablet, but the $300 price tag a few months back got me!

Could somebody tell me why the owner of a US Wifi-only Thinkpad should have to wait for June 8 "certification"? Whose certification? If the build is good enough for the UK why shouldn't it be ready to roll for the US? Shouldn't the code be almost precisely the same? Google really needs to take control of this mess, with hundreds of different OEM builds of Android. It's bad enough that every manufacturer tools around with it, and every mobile carrier tools around with it, but individual models wind up with different builds for release on different dates despite nearly identical hardware.
In a properly implemented O/S, the only difference should be in the drivers, but here we're dealing with almost precisely the same hardware, and since it's wifi, there's no carrier involvement. Ugh!

agreed... Plus, it's June 8 and I still don't have the update!!! I was looking forward to getting the update in MARCH.

You do realize your tablet's not broken right? It still works, even if it never gets this update.
I understand that people want this update and all the goodies that go with it. I can see people wanting bug fixes, because that just makes sense.

But this is an upgrade. I'm a little disturbed by the "gimme" attitude I keep seeing around gadgets. People seem to believe that updates are part of the sticker price, when no such promise was made. For me, when I received my working tablet, I got what I paid for, every update since then has been a bonus. I didn't do anything to "earn" an update, nobody "owes" me an update. But I seem to be in the minority.

At what point does the sale finalize, you know? At one point has Google/Lenovo fulfilled their end of the bargain? JellyBean? KandyKorn? Lemonhead? Or did we all pay for endless upgrades throughout the rest of our natural lifetimes?

I get impatience. I just don't understand why people have this attitude that they are in some fashion, being "wronged" by a delayed additional upgrade.

I get the comment jay. Don't get me wrong... I love my Lenovo tablet, with or without the ics upgrade. I'm in the impatient camp. That said, I don't think the relationship should end when a device is received nor do I think I've gotten my moneys worth at that point. There has to be a support period that will allow a device to retain its value over a period of time. Is that support period 5 years? Of course not. But, its not 5 days either. The company should sell a device that costs several hundred dollars with the intention that the device will function, not just on its own, but in the market place for a period of time. Sometimes, that means updating software. This is not just for the benefit out the consumer. If the manufacturer has a reputation of supporting its devices over the long term, it shows they have a long term vision and that the products are part of an evolution of products, not just one-offs. That makes people more comfortable with buying the product.

I'm also not saying that Lenovo has done me wrong because I don't have ice cream sandwich. I love my tablet and think Lenovo makes good stuff. But, from a competition standpoint, they should update the software to make people believe they're in the tablet business for the long haul. If they don't, I'd be more likely to buy an Asus or Acer in the future.

I'll be thankful to have the update whenever I get it. I just hope it's soon.

I don't know Jay. Maybe it's because Lenovo put "(Android 4.0 over-the-air upgrade coming soon)" on their web site. Or maybe because people shell out a lot of money for products like this and expect them to stay current for a year or two. Or maybe people complain about not having the upgrade so that you can post your misanthropic rants. Whatever the reason may be, people have the right to express their thoughts, and you have the right to