If you've got a couple minutes on your hands, be sure to watch these quick little Android commercials from Korea. They're hilarious, cute, fun, quirky and pretty much capture every positive emotion you have over that cute little green robot. If you weren't a fan of the Droid commercials, these are for you. If you were a fan of the Droid commercials, these are for you too. It's in Korean only but that doesn't stop the fun one bit. We don't need to understand what's going on in order to enjoy watching that green robot dance. Can someone make a movie about him, already?

Watch the awesome Android commercials after the jump! [via leakdroid]


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gbhil#AC says:

Only the GREATEST videos ever lol. Great find and write up Casey!

entwined82 says:

Screw Verizon's promotion/ads, I demand little dancing robots!

jayty97 says:

No sh*t, they got it right all the way! The little green robot with gas... that's a commercial you remember!

Yessss! Take note, Palm. You effed-up with your creepy wraith chick. How bad was your ad campaign? You could have just employed a dancing, flatulent, pantsexual spokesthing, and done better.

delrey1900 says:

I was not expecting the fart at the end, added a little touch to the character.

jgrmsmith says:

can we get Google to translate these? Is there an app for that?

footysr says:

Awesome character! He will sell a lot of phones! :)

Gogol says:

Ting ting ti ring ting .... ! :)

ai4281 says:

Speaking of Korean cellphone commercials... Everyone should go watch the BUBI phone commercial again! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9O4eWfFgTG8

Everybody BUBI BUBI

dr.who says:

I love Android but I can't see how a green dancing robot communicates that it is a state of the art phone OS. Definite miss for me.

Foxman says:

I think these commercials are promoting android for the masses, the average people. For them, the selling point is all the features their phone has, not if the OS is top of the line. They want their phones to just do stuff, and that's what they show, the commercials are full of Gmail, Youtube, Google Maps, etc... icons.

And now my general reaction: Totally awesome!!!

Now why cant we have cool commercials like those in the us

xjunkiex says:

I just love that green robot. We need commercials like that here in the US. I think that would get a lot of attention for the android OS here. Need one that chews up an apple and spits it back out.