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You might not be too familiar with the Kobo Vox, and you would be forgiven for it. With it, Kobo tried to go down the Nook Color / Kindle Fire road -- producing essentially an e-reader that had a full color capacitive display with Android on board. Where Barnes and Noble and Amazon may have succeeded, for Kobo, the Vox has been less impressive. One of the biggest issues with the Vox, is the difficulty in getting apps onto the device with no Google Play Store. In the UK for example, the Amazon Appstore isn't available either leaving Vox owners with a tedious time ahead should they want to do more than just read on it, especially since the on board third party store is pretty slim pickings. And, lets face it, Google Play is the best place to get apps, right?

However, the Vox is about to set itself apart from the respective B&N and Amazon offerings. Kobo has announced today that the Vox will be receiving Google Certification. That means, in particular, that owners will be able to access the official Google Play Store and download all the fabulous -- fart apps aside -- applications within. With Google applications on board, does this now mean the Vox becomes a viable budget tablet? 

Maybe, maybe not. It isn't particularly slim, and it doesn't have a particularly great screen. It isn't that powerful either, with an 800MHz ARM Cortex-A8 processor, and only 512MB of RAM, but it does have a microSD card slot to expand the onboard 8GB storage. It's cheap too, in the UK retailing at £150 from high-street chain WHSmiths, and $179.99 in the US at Best Buy online. And, should you be so inclined, the Vox also comes in a rather fetching shade of pink.

New Vox's will be sold ready to go, but existing owners will be able to update their devices OTA.   

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Kobo Vox gains Google certification - a viable budget tablet option now?


Site doesn't even list OS version, I wonder if it is even 2.3. The physical buttons would seem to indicate it isn't 4.
With the specs it comes with $179 looks pretty steep. I wouldn't pay $100 for it.
It'll be interesting to see what Google's price point will be on the 'Nexus' tablet the'll be selling.

After using a nook color CM7 a year ago I don't think I would want to go with a 7" screen again.

Now way! Look at the ugly thing. Why not get a dual core Kindle Fire or Nook Tablet for the same price? I jumped on the referbed $139 Kindle last month and threw CM9 on it and haven't regretted it at all.

Hi, in response to the 'as usual' biased review of Kobo Vox (it never stops does it?) I own one and i can tell any of you ipad wannabees out there, it is a great device. Actually the screen is very clear for watching videos etc, sound quality good too.

Well seen the reviewer never had one, cos I have loads of good apps and games on mine, including angry birds and never found getting apps a problem (Google play doesn't have a monopoly you know...despite what you all think) all it takes is a little searching here and there.

I can listen to audio books, podcasts, watch videos, read ebooks, comics, newspapers, graphic novels etc the list goes on and on. can be upgraded via sd card to 32 GB and it only costs £149.99 or less depending on where you buy it from.

Now, the downside. It's not as lightweight as the kindle and you can't read in direct sunlight and if wifi is used, battery life is poor, but...for the price, its as good as an ipad, does everything it does and more, it's expandable.

My other half has a Kobo Vox and for it's price I don't think it's too bad... for a basic tablet it's fine and I would be tempted to buy myself one just to use as a WiFi tablet (even more so when the buses I work on have WiFi fitted!)

I bought the Vox when it first came out in October. If your going to use it as an ereader only, it's not that bad. I wouldn't recommend it for anything else.