Rex Manning Day Contest!

Today's the day, folks! Apple is announcing new iPhones, which means the entire world will be paying attention to all the coverage at our sister site,! (Seriously, we asked the entire world, and that's what it said.)

Us? We're gonna keep on doing what we always do. And that includes our fifth annual "Anything but Apple" giveaway! What's in store? Why, just a brand-new 32-gigabyte Nexus 7 (with LTE!) and a brand-new Chromecast, that's what's in store.

To enter to win this pair, all you have to do is leave a comment on this post. That's it. Leave a comment, and you're entered to win. (Just one comment is all it takes, folks.) We're leaving this open to everyone everywhere (so long as your comment isn't "Is this contest open to everyone? Or just in the U.S.?"), because we love you.

We'll close things up at 7 p.m. EDT tonight, after all the excitement has died down. Namaste.


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It's our fifth annual 'Anything but Apple' giveaway!



Well...i never win anything anyway but heres to hoping! Nexus 7 LTE, PLEASE BE MINE

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If you're willing to give stuff away, we're willing to take them off your hands.

These devices are not available to buy here. This is my only way to get them. Thank you

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ENTERED!! Two things I want the most that I wouldn't mind getting without paying for! lol

It's true, I am an Apple Avoider. And I'd love some new Nexus 7 love to go with my 2012 model.

These devices are not available to buy here. This is my only way to get them. Thank you

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The URL for this page "it-s-our-fifth-annual-anything-apple-giveaway" contradicts the title of this post. Still, I hope I win! But if it's a trick and I win an Apple device I'm going to sell it and buy 2 nexus 7's!

I wish I could win! I never win anything! It would be very exciting! :-)

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Hey, android central. I want to win this. I never win anything, so I'm not holding my breath

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This is my favorite Android site because of the humor factor. Thanks for the chance to win a Nexus 7 and Chromecast!

Love how AC keeps handing out the freebies! Thanks to the Vendors for their support also!

And for those of us who don't win, how about a consolation prize, something like a coupon for a Wendys Baconator:

Two 1/4 lb. patties topped with fresh-cooked Applewood Smoked Bacon in between a premium warm, toasted bun. Topped off with mayo, ketchup, and American cheese. Now that's not just a sandwich, but a Bacon lovers dream.

Ahhhh...... Bacon....


I'm currently on the phone on hold. I'm glad I found this while I listen to elevator music! :)

Looking forward to apples announcements, but android all the way!

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WOW there are a lot of fans of this site, if the number of comments are anything to go by.

Looking forward to apples announcements, but android all the way!

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It's sweet that AC is hooking up on the day that Apple is, well, "inventing" everything.

Wow this is awesome!!!! Great Job guys. Thanks for your hard work.


Apple products are most useful when crushed and left in a barrel to ferment. Mmmmm, iCider.

I'd love to get a new Android device when everyone else is lining up for the iPhone [last year's model]S :P

I would really like to try the new things like the chromecast out and get a new tablet to boot.

Oh that's why I love you guys! I never enter these contest because I never win anything, but I think it's awesome that you guys do these things!

I've never won anything from contests, hope I can win this one though! Greetings from Italy, love Androidcentral, ciao!

Here is my one comment, just my one comment and no more. I will not post anymore comments on this thread :-0

This would make a Broke dad of three the happiest man on the planet. #AnythingButAppleDay

Oh how I would love this! Pick me! Pick me! Pick me!

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LTE! Woot!

I could use a new Nexus. You guys are awesome. Traveling today, so sad I'll miss the keynote... (not)

I wanna win this so I can give my tablet to my sister as a graduation gift. :)

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A Nexus tablet sounds like the thing that would make me forget all about iOS and test the Android waters.

Well the chromecast isn't available in the UK, and my kid stopped my N7, so this would go down a treat!
Plus....I'd rather be playing Dead Trigger 2 than buying an iSame4inch....

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shot through the heart and your to blame, apple leaves a bad taste in your mouth...your mouth!

Great contest. I really hope that Apple comes out with something good today. The smart phone "wars" are great for innovation. The patent wars,...not so much.

The N7 would fit in nicely with my janky Verizon Galaxy Nexus and my awesome N10

You know what grinds my gears? Not being able to get a Chromecast, and Apple fanatics. You guys rock!

Please please please please please, I want to win, please thank you whipped cream cherry sprinkles hot fudge... Now I want some ice cream, maybe a nice big banana split with strawberry, banana and Reese's peanut butter ice cream and all the trimmings, yum.

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Hey, I'm still not sure if I'm in time, writing from Italy...
In any case this constest finally includes also us Mediterraneans... Hope to have the chance to improve my Android / chrome cast knowledge

I have the 1st gen Nexus 7 and it's awesome! This would make me a tech hero for my wife since she doesn't have a B-A tablet yet!

yay!! Not apple products!! The only company which sells half eaten fruits at a premium rate!!

I need some Nexus in my life.. I am so deprived here in SA!

sent from a payphone in a mall....

I would like to win one of these devices so I can see what 'new' technology Apple will be unveiling.

This is absolutely brilliant! While the rest of the world watches the next thing from Apple be announced today, all the cool folks are celebrating it in a different way like us. Congrats to whoever wins this.

I owned a few iPod's long ago and contributed to the tools to use them from linux (gtkpod/libgpod). When Apple started locking the iTunes database on the devices and then suing the folks that were just trying to use their hardware from non-Apple OS's, I got off that boat quickly. I'm glad I did. I much prefer an open system anyway.

I'd love to be able to crack open a new Nexus 7 and setup sshd for proper music syncing. ;)

Oh and some chrome would be welcomed lol

sent from a payphone in a mall....

REX MANNING DAY! But seriously, I've been stuck using an iPhone for work for about a week and I need to get some Android back in my life in a hurry.

This is what I've been waiting for - the LTE Nexus 7 that is. I haven't upgraded my 2012 model yet because I was waiting for one with data.

this might just be the first time Android Central give me something! just. might.... just.................

I would love to actually win something for once...but if not...I'll just try again next time I guess...this would be a very nice win though.

This contest IS open to everyone!!! Roll the dice and let's see what happens, come on Nexus 7 and Chromecast!

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