Samsung loves to poke fun at Apple users, and their latest commercial does a rather good job of it, telling iOSers that "the next big thing is already here". In the commercial, Sammy pokes fun at the fact that the iPhone 4S "looks like last year's phone", while also showcasing the Android's free turn-by-turn navigation on the Galaxy S II. iOS, of course, lacks this functionality out of the box.

The reaction: "aww, we just got Samsunged."

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iOS users get 'Samsunged' in new Galaxy S II TV ad


Love these commercials. Many will hate to admit it but they reflect real life. I've had a number of experiences like this with iPhone users. Theres nothing wrong with liking what you like but many times it just seems they aren't aware of what other devices can do and often not even what their own device can do. Say what they want about cheap phones for Android but many folks only buy iPhones because they see and hear about it so much in commercials and the news.

Yeah, when I was walking around DC with a friend and I pulled up maps and get walking directions while seeing the 3D buildings he was amazed and right then and there said his next phone was going to be android just because of that.

I've had a Nexus one for almost two years now, and although the navigation is a nice thing to have, I've only used it with limited success a couple of times. I find it easier to just pull up the step by step direction before hand and just plan it out first and then go on memory. Now I know not a lot of people can't do this, but this feature that everyone throws out into the faces of the iOS users is pretty much pointless to me. Live wallpapers and widgets are just battery drainers and performance suckers.

Now I love my Android device, and have had fun rooting it and messing around with all it has to offer, but I'm seriously starting to loose my faith in Android and will most likely be getting a 4S in a couple of months. I know Android may be winning in number of devices out there, but they are not winning in the "quality app" selection, or the 3rd party accessory market, etc. I think Apple's closed system, although too restrictive at times(you can always Jailbreak), is the better bet right now.

The grass is always greener on the other side to some people. I use the turn by turn navigation on a very regular basis with rare problems. No its not perfect, but it is very good.

Why would you bbe starting to lose your faith in android? Have you used ICS? Do you really think that the niche 3rd party accessories available for the iPhone are more frequntly useful than turn by turn navigation? I would argue that there is no comparison. All the accessories you really need are readily available for Android devices -- things like cases, docks, connectors... what particularly useful app is available on iPhone but not on android? There are a couple, like instagram, but not many.

And Widgets? Seriously, having to open an app just to get your common everyday information like weather, seeing your calendar, and seeing your news feeds is absolutely archaic and inefficient. Widgets are aawesome, and they really don't suck down the battery that much. I can easily get through a dayday of moderate use with a full gambit of widgets.

In summary... unless you are heavily invested in the iOS ecosystem or require brain dead simplicity (relative to other smartphones), iOS is simply the inferior choice.

Speaking of how useful Widgets are. It was the Android Central Widget that informed me when Steve Jobs had passed away. I got this while waiting for our Columbus truck to show up. Took a bit to get he page to load up (1x location) wasn't even any comments yet posted at that time.
I was in the bar tonight When I saw that IOS got SamSunged via the AC widget agin. But I waited to get home to check it out. Keeps me updated.
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I love my android and I'm actually about to upgrade to a phone with a larger camera, dual core proccessor, and slightly larger screen size. I think iphones are great devices but honestly i have no idea how anyone could put up with that tiny screen size. I don't know whose network you are using but I've never had a problem with my navigation, and additionally, I think you are probably losing faith in android because you are using a phone that is currently out of date. If you get a new phone and stick with android, make sure you check out apps or games that are optimized for newer faster phones... Shadowgun looks fun to play!

It's kind of hard for me put into words really. I've just never felt the same level of excitement when using android as I have using an iPhone. I've never owned an iPhone, but I've had the opportunity to mess with them a lot over the years helping people figure something out on it. I did own a jailbroken iPad and I loved it, but I had to sell it to make rent a while back. I like the clean and simple looks of the device and the OS. iOS is just as powerful as Android, especially if you jailbreak it, which I plan on doing. Android devices don't have the huge quantity of cool cases like you can get for the iphone, and the dock connector makes the 3rd party accessory possibilities seemingly endless. The 3.5" screen on my Nexus One is fine for me as far as size is concerned, and the iPhone is only better cause it's a higher resolution screen. Now understand that when I got my Nexus One, and up until about six months ago, I wouldn't have even thought of getting an iPhone, and I don't like buying movies, TV shows, or music on iTunes, but I see what the iPhone is doing in the areas of these industries as well as their strong presence in education and I just feel that the iPhone and the iPad is the better device as of now, and I feel that Apple is the better bet right now. Now this may be a bit of a contradiction to my normal way of doing things, cause I usually like the more complicated and less user friendly (i.e. dumbed down) type of things like computers and Linux and stereos and stuff, but I just find iOS to be more appealing. Now I really hope Android get's better devices, and better accessory support and stuff, but I'm going to hold out and see what they can do later.

I think either
1) You've been hanging too long around Apple users because one of your reasons on why to get it is that you want "cool cases". And btw, we have basically the same amount of accesories, because many cords use micro-USB or auxillary jacks or bluetooth/wifi, and tend to be cheaper than an apple whatever-pin dock connector. I also don't know about you, but whenever a cousin or uncle has me set up their new phone, i get excited to mess with it, even if its shitty.

2)you havent ran a 4.0 ROM on that Nexus

Cases? What? If you're a 13 year old girl maybe that'd be interesting for you I suppose.
The key thing about Android devices that you'll never have with any ios thing is choice: want a 4.5 inch phone? a 2.5 inch one Physical keyboard? 4G? Like HTC Sense, touchwiz, vanilla Android, whatever, it's your choice. Have any app you like, with none being excluded from the marketplace because they replicate existing functionality only doing it better and so on and so on.
Apple devices NEED pretty cases because without those there's no other way to differentiate your dull, standard phone to the massive army of identical ones out there.

Lastly, the Nexus One probably isn't that great a consumer phone for you anyway. It's standard to make it a good developer device, but not that fun and exciting for the average consumer. Not all Android devices are the same. Try out something from HTC, it might be more to your liking.

A comment gets spammed because he has a different opinion than most.

Sad sad the level of children on their keyboards on this site.

You should download Juice Defender and Advanced Task Killer if you haven't already. I know an Android user who doubled his two-year-old Motorola Droid's battery life first by getting Juice Defender and a bit more with Advanced Task Killer. They're both free in the app market, so do yourself a favor and check them out!

I think it's fitting actually.

I mean who in their right mind would sue saying that the Galaxy Tab 7.7 is infringing on the iPad2? That's just plain ridiculous. Poor Germany.

I'll go out on a limb and say they're just butthurt because the GT 7.7 is way better than the iPad2. Super AMOLED Plus and expandable memory beats Retina and all the other Apple stuff any day in my book. And oh yeah the Size Factor. But then that's just me. Carry on. ;)

Way better in your opinion, but not everybody's. When it comes to a tablet, I would only choose an iPad and nothing else. Sorry but android lost the market for tablets.

The tablet market is in its infancy and Android tablets are just starting to mature. To make a grandiose statement that Android "lost the market for tablets" is ignorant as the market has not yet achieved its full potential. There is plenty of room for growth in the tablet market and as prices come down Android will make growth there as well. Not "everybody" wants to plunk down $500+ dollars for an iPad. Look at the Kindle Fire - it is an Android tablet and is pretty successful.

Yeah, they will increase the resolution, make it a teeny bit thinner, and increase processor speed. It will still cost $500 for the base model, will still have one single proprietary port, will still not have expandable memory, will still not run the apps I bought for my clearly superior Android phone, and those who buy them will still be supporting a company that, at this stage in the game, chooses to attack its competitors with frivolous lawsuits instead of out-innovating them in tthe marketplace the way they used to.

No thank you. Please take your BS "we'll see when the iPad 3 comes out" comments elsewhere. We will indeed see....that not much has changed.

I totally get your point. Android tablets today are at their infancy. Today, iPad 2 is a pretty good tablet which serves me very well. In due time, when Android tablets become more mature, my next tablet might just be an Android.

Lost the market? It just got jump started by Apple in 2010. We're barely into 2012.

Like we cant count WP7 out just yet....give it some more time before we declare the iPad the king of the tablet market.

That would have been great if the whole "turn-by-turn navigation" thing didn't get muddled. You can barely hear the prompt and the iPhone guy mumbles the words. I had to watch it twice before I caught that.

The charger thing is also funny considering that you're more likely to need your charger for the Sammy. I say that as a devoted Android user. All that power costs.

Also, note that Samsung never once utters the word "Android".

The charger thing is actually about right. I always care a spare battery or two with my phone. This is an option that is wholly unavailable for an iPhone. As a consequence, I rarely end up in need of a charger.

Two of my aunts just got Sprint iPhone 4Ses beginning of winter. Took me the whole winter break to teach them how to navigate the thing and use it. Argh!

And then they complain about the battery life. They ended up carrying their chargers around everyday.

Unlike them, I never carry my Samsung charger around. Unless it's for an extended day of travel, etc.

As a consequence, neither group ends up in need of a charger. When I had an iPhone it always had amazing battery life. I know I'm going to end up needing to buy another battery for my GS2. Not a big deal, and worth it for what I get out of Android.

Thems the breaks.

Battery life on the new I-Phone is terrible. Get your facts straight. Once they bumped up their specs their battery life isn't very good and that is even after Apple clocked down their Processor to 800. If we are going to compare let's get our facts right. The I-Phone is going to take a big nose dive this year unless they come up with a new design and fast. Apple is just so freaken cheap they want to drain all the dollars they can out of their current model before changing design. Android just keeps getting better, the new phones just get better and better. Just my Opinion.

A big nose dive this year? I'm a huge android fan but give me a break. I work in a major carrier store and 80-90% of smartphones sold (smartphones, btw, sell more than basic and messaging and prepaid phones in most locations) are iPhones. Every year this phones sells more than the previous version. Keep things in perspective here..

The stats don't back up your anecdotal account. The majority of smartphones sold today run Android.

It doesn't matter if it's pro-Apple or pro-Android, what's important is that it is misleading. He may have witnessed one store selling mostly iPhones, but that is not relevant to the bigger picture where Android has 150% the iOS share in smartphones, and growing.

Well, to be clear the ad clearly indicated the hipsters were using the previous iPhone 4, since they were in line for the new one.

And also, indications are that the iPhone experienced a huge *bump* in Q4.

Otherwise, I agree with your post. A couple years ago, Android phones were clearly behind the iPhone. My wife and I switched from iPhone 3Gs to the HTC EVO, and definitely had regrets (my wife later switched back to the iPhone 4). My Nexus S was a pretty good match for the iPhone, and I think my Galaxy Nexus is a better overall mobile device.

"Awww, that looks like last year's phone..."
"I don't like your roommate very much"
Love it!
Good for you Samsung!
Tired of smug Apple.

I used to have a "whatever" kind of feeling about Apple. I like Android better, but after reading the Steve Jobs Bio, I have changed. The guy was such a mean man. It just makes me not want to support Apple at all.

Too bad Samsung can't make a phone that works. I have a Nexus and so far I would have to say it's another FAIL by Samsung.

Ok, apple had one major issue. And they corrected it with the iPhone 4s. Android makers seem to keep putting out devices that constantly fail.

What issue are you referring to? The antenna? Yeah they fixed that and now its battery life. The 4s cant make it through the day and doesnt have lte or a replaceable battery! Apple isnt as king as they would like to make the sheep think.

Oh and out of my moms nexus my girlfriends kindle fire and my evo and gt 10.1 iv'e never really seen a problem with android. Nothing that the girlfriends ip4 hasnt done.

Eh, I don't know, that: "We just got Samsunged" catchphrase is kinda dumb. It’s not really a natural thing someone would say after something like that; seems like they're trying too hard with it.

And it sounds kinda dirty. If my daughter came home & told me she was Samsunged, I'd be ready to kick somebody's arse!

Why would a company take their name and turn it into a slur? Like seriously these commercials are not going to convert any iPhone (they don't even dare display the apple logo in the ad) to Samsung. The commercial doesn't even give any Android love (Android is never mentioned).

Your nexus is a fail because you probably don't actually have the phone and you're trolling. Mine works great. Best phone ever owned and I've owned both the 4s and the 4. Especially great if you like flashing and not being locked into shi# tunes.

Are you seriously telling me that you've had the iPhone 4S AND the Galaxy Nexus? They were released almost at the same time, for god's sake!

I think these commercials suck, they are focusing on the people that use iOS, not iOS's shortcomings. Insult the people you wish were lining up for your products. Nobody is jealous of someone that has a Samsung Galaxy S II, there are already better phones (some from Samsung) out there. They should focus on what their phones can do and not even acknowledge that people are excited when the next iOS device comes out. Make fewer releases and make them better. Point out that they do have a variety of phones for different needs, something the Apple offerings don't have. Apple has the new model and the old model cheaper. People don't buy Apple just because the new model looks different, they buy them because they look good, work great & have great apps available. A lot of people love that the iPhone 4S didn't change the body style, so all the accessories/cases still work and fit. So that argument is weak and the fact is the hardware design is still a great design.

The media features on the Samsung Galaxy S II are buggy as hell and the lock-screen is flawed. The Samsung Galaxy S II doesn't even have the latest version of Android OS yet. I own the Samsung Galaxy S II and I am a bit disappointed with it. Hope Ice Cream Sandwich comes soon and makes it better. And will I get the next version when my phone is 16-24 months old?

The saying "aww, we just got Samsunged." works better when you say it to the people that bought a Samsung phone and a year later are denied an update to the current version of the Android OS.

Yeah, I use to have a Galaxy S2. I was counting the days until AT&T released the phone on their network, and I bought it the first day it came out. It really was a great phone: fast, thin, light, great battery life, and very stylish. My love for the phone started to wane though after I noticed the software bugs like certain items in the notification bar still had black letters, so in the Touchwiz skin, you couldn’t read what those items said. The bugs just seemed like a lack of attention to detail, but it didn’t bother me too much. What really bothered me was the lackluster resolution on what was supposed to be a top-of-the-line phone. Software updates can fix the bugs, but nothing can fix the low resolution of the display. The final straw was when the Galaxy Nexus was announced: HD display, latest version of Android, prompt updates, and no Touchwiz. Barring the camera, the Galaxy Nexus is what the Galaxy S2 should have been. The GN is a Samsung phone but it’s not *really* a Samsung phone, and that’s the problem.

You didn't check the resolution before you bought the SGS2?

I think it's funny when people characterize a WVGA screen as "low resolution". Higher resolution screens slow the phone down. This is a fact. Thus, there's a balance to be struck. I'd rather have the snappy SGS2 with WVGA then go up to 720P and have my phone slow down, all other things being equal.

Knew what the resolution of the display was before I bought it yes, and I had heard that it wasn’t that great. I was hoping that people were just complaining about nothing and that it wouldn’t be that bad. I’m not characterizing WVGA as low resolution. I’m saying that low resolution is the Galaxy S2’s 800x480 4.3" display, the same resolution as my two year old, 3.7" Nexus One display. The resolution on the SGS2 would have been nice 2, maybe 1, year ago, but like I said, not on a brand new, top-of-the-line phone; especially on a 4.3” screen. Second problem with the display is pixel density. The SGS2 has only 217 ppi, which is ridiculously low to have on a brand new top-of-the-line phone. I could easily see individual pixels from a normal viewing distance, and that really ruined it for me. Again, I knew the resolution (not the pixel density though) going in, but was holding out hope that it wouldn’t be that bad because of the other great things about the phone. Lastly, as a comparison, the Galaxy Nexus has (as I’m sure you know) a 720x1280 resolution with 316ppi, and the high resolution has never slowed it down. I know what people say about pentile but let me tell you if you haven’t seen it in person, the display is beautiful. I put that thing next to my wife’s iPhone 4 and the pixel density looks almost exactly the same. THAT is what I was looking for in the SGS2’s display: high resolution and high pixel density, and it had neither.

I know people say bad things about pentile and understandably so, but if you haven’t seen the Galaxy Nexus’ display in person, you really need to. If you used the phone and didn’t know that it had a pentile display, you would never complain - I guarantee it. Really that’s all that matters at the end of the day too: if the display looks amazing, they could use pixie dust to do it for all anyone would care, as long as it looks amazing - and it does. I understand about the camera, which is why I said “barring the camera,” but it isn’t really THAT big of a deal anyway; the pictures still look great on it. The SD card thing? I can understand where some people (maybe a lot?) need expandable storage, but just checking my phone, I am using 3gb of 13.3gb of storage. For me, it’s no big deal at all, and I would imagine it’s the same for many others as well.

The idea of PenTile is because it has 2 subpixels instead of 3. It should mean that the pixels are 1/3 smaller than other displays. Your Samsung Galaxy S II is also using PenTile, the reason it looks so poor (At least to you, I've looked at it and it's not that bad, although worse than my phone). Also, people tend to use more storage than that. I have 8 GB, with a 16 GB SD Card, and I've used up 16 GB. People probably either have too much game data, movies, pictures or music, because they tend to be the most space consuming things. They also might have flashed ROMs that take up significantly more Internal Storage (Like Cyanogen Mod, I remember why 7 was dropped for the Magic).

I think it is very funny that so many I-Phone users are visiting the Android forums more then their own. What does that tell you?? Even the I-Phone user must be getting very sick of that stagnant design with a locked down system. Yep, getting over 17 MB download speed and free tethering on my LTE Android phone.
PS Battery life is pretty damn good as well. Just wanted to throw my 2 cents in.

Not really, I'm an iPhone user, but I like to be up to date with the competition, and if something better comes out, I'll have no problem switching.

All those people sitting and standing around could be 'Occupy Apple' supporters. LoL! Do yo think Apple would listen to that, occupy movement? I could see the protest signs now, most of them would be quotes from this site probably.

Samsung should innovate and not bother making fun of the competition's user based. Seriously they are not going to convert any iPhone users over to Samsung with these commercials.

Can't help but picture all the Android nerds sitting in front of Youtube picking their noses and snorting while watching the commercial over and over again on a Friday night.

Someone is butthurt over the fact they have a crappy product yet can't seem to get out of the grasp apple has on them...

I have an Samsung Galaxy S2 EU version and love it; but you could be right. The term "Samsunged" is defined as:

"A company with superb products getting sued in 5 markets for behaving like an idiot and looking stupid."

Because of Jobs, Apple have the most effective marketing team on the planet. If Samsung expect to compete with THIS rubbish! Who did they hire - Homer Simpson?

Samsung make superb products, I chose the GS2 myself. Show people how fantastic it is and get ICS out NOW.

why are they being samsunged? android is not a samsung exclusive. what did i miss??? i would live happly another day if they actually meant to say andrownd...still shitty, but a lot better than say something misleading.

Samsung is not going to produce an advertisement and say "you can get this on all Android phones, not just ours!" That's something Google would do.