Good news for those of you who just have to be able to install applications to the SD card. Google -- which said in January that this would be addressed -- has officially marked the issue (1151, if you're counting at home) with a "future release" status and has closed the thread.

And one Googler replied with the following:

Apologies, but I'm not permitted to disclose scheduling information - suffice to say it's coming soon :) Sorry for being vague, and thank you for your continued patience - I sincerely appreciate it.

Dunno about you guys, but Froyo and Google IO can't get here soon enough. Thanks, Jacob!


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Installation of Android apps on SD cards now slated for 'future release'


how many apps does a phone hold on it's own, give or take? I know the differences in amount of ram determine this but is it not much room on average?

Most devs are pretty aware how limited in space for apps Android phone are, so it's rare (but it does occasionally happen) to see anything piece pierce 5 or 10 MBs, and most are under 1. Considering most Android phones don't even get a gig of app storage, that's a blessing. I have something close to 75 apps on my phone and still have an extra 68 MBs left over.

Right. As of now, most of apps are very small, under 1MB.

But this also means developers couldn't make big (and hopefully good) games due to this limitation.

I hope to see more good games once this limitation is lifted.

68MB left over? Wtf is going on with mine?

I have 48 and I'm down to 25 today. Yesterday it was 35. Before that it was 50. I definitely have NOT installed more than a few apps since then. Is there a way I can see what is really taking up that space? At this rate I'll be full in a couple days.

the cache on your browser and twidroid etc add to the internal memory. Also, when that gets down to 20MB left or so, you're phone will run VERY slowly. Go into browser = settings = clear browser cache. You can also do it from the applications menu in the settings part and look up each app and clear cache from there

Some apps cache to the SD card (ALL should!), some cache to BOTH for some reason. It should be mandatory that all apps cache to SD if it's available. I just don't understand the ones that put files in both places. Phone storage is precious dammit.

For instance, it seems like Touiteur caches everything but pictures to the phone, and the pictures are on the SD card. Why not everything?

Froyo is coming!!! lol I'm sure that after that's is taking care of the game development for Android in going to improve a lot!!!! ")

There's no need to wait for froyo you can do it now with 2 easy steps

1) root your phone
2) flash cyanogenmod rom onto your phone problem solved :)