Google's semi-secretive game Ingress is still in closed beta, but the numbers are growing every day. And overnight, the Android application got itself a little update. According to the one of the developers, "this fixes some bugs and improves performance."

What it doesn't do is hand out invite codes. While you're waiting, though -- or if you're already part of the Enlightened or the Resistance -- be sure to swing by our newly formed Ingress Forums and say hey. Chances are there are more folks playing in your neck of the woods than you might have thought.

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Maltian says:

This ingress is really awesome sad i dont have inv yet...;/
But im playing streetquest - run is a game, with friend and he is calling it same but free(dont need invite etc.).

I got an invite, and it looks really interesting.
Unfortunately, this is a busy time of the year, so not sure how much time I can invest in it.:^(

phillyphreak says:

My problem exactly. Awesome idea and would be a lot of fun but there no portals that are convenient for me to get to on my way to or from either of my two jobs. I just don't have the time to drive around town hacking the portals that are relatively close by.

SpenceJonas says:

It's a neat little game, just kinda lacks portals in the more "rural" areas. Sadly we don't all live in the big name cities.

major payne says:

Then take pictures of where portals should be and send them in.. easy as that

VIVA Le Resisitance!

SpenceJonas says:

Oh I do, but I'm pretty sure it can take up to 5 weeks for them to be uploaded, which is awhile but again this is technically still beta.

Also it's good to see another Resistance brother!!! Down with the enlightened scum!!!!

rfmike says:

I Got my invite a week ago and Uninstalled it due to there being no Portals around me here in the Colorado springs. But i think that has changed.

a2Squard says:

Dang it... still waiting for an invite to this as it looks REALLY cool. Looking forward to joining up soon!

dcigary says:

I submitted pictures for two portals, and haven't heard a thing and they haven't been created. They might want to work out how they're going to handle that, as I've gotten no feedback at all!

dubdrop says:

I'm digging it. Have captured 5 portals and link 3 together and the other two are link to each other. 3/4 the way taking down and enlightened portal too! Plenty of portals in dm metro, Iowa.
Viva le resistance!

dubdrop says:

I'm digging it. Have captured 5 portals and link 3 together and the other two are link to each other. 3/4 the way taking down and enlightened portal too! Plenty of portals in dm metro, Iowa.
Viva le resistance!

SpookDroid says:

I want my invite code! :'(

I've been playing for a couple days. Could be fun as hell

randall2580 says:

Good to know I am not the only one waiting on an invite. Come on Google!

juggle says:

Got my invite a week or two ago but haven't been able to get past the second tutorial stage. No portals near me apparently and when I try to place the temporary practice portal the map goes away and just leaves me with an empty screen :(

Though it sounds like even if I did get past there the lack of portals in my area will mean I can't do much anyway.

Seems interesting...just seems to be a little "too beta" still :(

hoosiercub says:

I'll never get an invite.. not to mention there's probably not a lot to do around here in-game anyways.

Erckul says:

I'm having a blast with this. the only draw back is that it's too cold outside to keep walking around the city (Clevland, Ohio), but I'll do my best to shut down the Resistance.

movielover76 says:

Waiting for an invite myself.

jerrod6 says:

I got the invite and am still in the training phase. It's been so dang cold here for the past two weeks and it's hard walking around without gloves on.
I live in an historic area and there are lots of old buildings and things like the Liberty Bell one block away. Supposed to be in the 60's next week so hoping to give it another try and move up to other levels.

kill4food says:

keep calm and enlighten

deankaltsas says:

kinda takes a long time of walking around looking like an idiot in the street looking like an idiot.... i uninstalled it because it EATS my battery on the nexus 4... not sure why, but i am sure it's the phone not the game...

Darvious says:

I live between two large cities and 5 smaller cities, I'm interested to see what we have for portals. One of these "towns" are rich in art and culture. Any ideas when Ingress comes out of beta or different ways to get an activation code? Curious.

Fahad Tariq says:

I have received ingress code, but when i run ingress it says yr scanner is out of date, update it
What should I do?

MC_A_DOT says:

Update the Ingress app

MC_A_DOT says:

Im still waiting for an invite >:-|

Update: Received 3 :-D

aikman80 says:

I'm giving away invites on