We're not big users of iGoogle personally but we can definitely see the appeal. Google calls iGoogle on mobile devices 'info snacks': you can read the news, check the weather, glance at finance, and so on--iGoogle allows you to keep track of what's going on without having to commit a lot of time. In a sense, it's perfect for the mobile space.

So Google has just updated iGoogle for Android, optimizing it so that it's faster and easier to use, supports your favorite gadgets (flash gadgets won't work), and supports tabs. You can re-arrange the order of your gadgets and make changes wherever you see fit (it won't affect your desktop layout, so don't worry).

To try it out head to igoogle.com on your Android browser and tap 'Try the new MObile iGoogle'. Tell us what you think in the comments!

[official google blog]


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Improved iGoogle for Android


This update isn't just for Android. Google is trying to make its iGoogle work with all mobile browsers. They had a better version of it a while ago for the iPhone before deciding against OS-specific webapps. The post you linked to says it's for Android and iPhone, but I'd bet it works on the Pre and Blackberry Bold, and probably many more phones (N97 for example).