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Here's one we get asked quite often: How do you share from Instagram to Google+? After all, there's no way to automatically post to Google+ from Instagram like there is to Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, Foursquare and Tumblr. And while that's a shame, it's also indicative of how tightly Google continues to run things with its fledgling social network. And with Facebook having purchased Instagram earlier this year for the paltry sum of $1 billion, it's also something we're not likely to see change anytime soon.

But you can share your pics (and only yours) from Instagram to Google+. It's quite simple, really, even if it's a tad hidden. In fact, you can share Instagram pics to any other app that accepts sharing intents from Android. And it's just one extra step.

Instagram on Google+Instagram on Google+

  • Step 1: Take a pic and upload it to Instagram. Easy enough.
  • Step 2: Find your image in your stream. Hit the three dots at the bottom right. (Yes, they're horizontal dots, not vertical dots like most Android menu indications. Go figure.)
  • Step 3: Choose "Share" in the pop-up.
  • Step 4: Choose where to share.
  • Step 5: Post and win!

That's it. Yeah, it's an extra step. (OK, five, we suppose, but whatever.) But it's also the best we've got right now for sharing your Instagram pics to Google+.

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haison says:

why did I never figure this out? So simple. . . .

carraser891 says:

ppl use Google+?

People still make that lame comment? That's so Two Thousand and LATE.

KTMKTM says:

That's a lot of Google employees.

I will be honest... I share my art works in face and google plus... I get 10 times more view in plus... I'm in process to abandon facebook for this kind of promotion in the moment... Simple Google plus groups are better to spreed your interests.

shapesblue says:

What about if you want to share someone elses pic?

sumyunguy says:

How about just syncing your Instagram photos from your phone (SD Card/Pictures/Instagram), then sync these photos to a folder on DropBox, then sync those photos back to your phone into a subfolder in the SDcard/DCIM/Camera folder using DropSync which would then get instantly uploaded to G+ via the G+ instant upload!

I don't want EVERY pic I take to be uploaded instantly. And maybe I don't want to share EVERY pic i put on Instagram with Google+

ojocell says:

Do I need to have the Google+ app on my phone to do this? I tried it but google+ did not show up in the list of where I could share to. I don't need another app on my phone.

sdreelin says:

You would or it doesn't show up in your share options.

Acelx says:

Why can't instagram just allow G+ sharing into its app.. oh wait.. i forgot Google wanted to keep it API private -_-

richardpandy says:

Damnit Phil! Why do you have to show people how to do this. Now G+ will be flooded with even MORE useless bullshit photos that people take of their food/alcoholic beverages.

leaponover says:

Been raining all summer Phil... and this typhoon that just came through ain't gonna stop the rain anytime soon. Enjoy Seoul though it's awesome!

abtxpress says:

You can do it from your gallery as well.

facemymusic says:

Yeah, I was just sharing directly from the Instagram folder in my gallery, but this is easy if you don't want to leave the instagram app

qx87 says:


thx, but those funky filters aren`t synced only the raw pics.

tokuzumi says:

Why would anyone want to admit they use Instagram?

Latest version of instagram renders this article outdated. Anyone with new ideas?

hey i cant. That options like drpbox and google+ doesn't show :( i have an HTC

levide says:
App for upload Instagram photos to Google+