Samsung Epic 4G Froyo

If you don't want to wait for the Sprint Epic 4G's Android 2.2.1 Froyo update to push out over the air, you can now manually update your phone. Here are the steps to manually update your Epic 4G to Froyo:

  1. Download the update from Samsung. Hint: Just download the Mac version, even if you have a PC. The file you download will be the
  2. Move the file to your SD card (instructions).
  3. Turn off your phone.
  4. Hold the Volume Down and Camera buttons, then press the power button.
  5. The update should automatically launch itself. Sit back and relax.
  6. Reboot the phone.

Couldn't be much easier than that, and it beats the hell out of waiting any longer. No ODIN, no wiping, just pure Froyo goodness. (If you PC folks want, you can download and install the desktop version of the updater, which works just fine, too.) If you still need more help, check out this thread in the Android Central Forums. Thanks, jamex!


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How to manually update your Epic 4G to Android 2.2.1 Froyo


If it took this long to get Froyo, I doubt 2.3 is gonna be getting released for the Epic, haha, and if the new phones coming out are already 2.3, then Sprint and Samsung will probably not care about us Epic owners... :(

Yep and when Sprint goes LTE .. anyone holding on to an EVO, Epic4G or Shift will be treated even more like bastard stepchildren. ;)

Lol hey that's so funny as Sprint has already said they can still provide wimax 4g along with LTE. Whatever speed comes from LTE will be the speed wimax phones will still get. The technology is made very similar and its just a card swap and a patch. Maybe a few tweaks but all wimax phones will still have 4g. Everybody thinks wimax phones will no longer work but they fail to read up on FACTS.

Did anyone notice on the update page...they misspelled android?
Device(Install) (Software) (ver.Epic 4G Ancroid Froyo Update (EB13))
What is "ancroid?

That update was unbelievably easy to do manually. I was done waiting and about to install a leaked version when I found this...glad I did! It looks great so far but that 'so far' is all of 5 minutes. I'll post again if I hit any snags!

Now to wait for the custom ROMS. PLEASE let there be some code in there which enables a stable Gingerbread build! CM7?

Hows the reception, GPS stills says accurate to 30meters when it actually locks on ? Need to know still considering it have the evo now. Waiting to see what Sprint announces on Thursday. Using my upgrade before March 31

I'm rooted TER 1.5 dk28 froyo.

Should I just wait like you or will I eventually have to odin back to get the new ROMS? For official froyo?

Stupid question, but I'm rooted with a 2.1 ROM. If I download this, will I lose my root and have to do that process over again? Or will I still be rooted?

does it matter where I drop the file? It doesn't seem to be working for me! :(
Edit: i mean, update didn't start automatically! I'm using ADW launcher, that shouldn't change anything, should it?

No. ADW launcher doesn't have anything to do with it. You have to hold down all three buttons until it comes up. Then select the file using the volume down key, then selecting it with the home key. Should start up after that then reboot on its own.

I don't understand why if you're using a windows based computer why would you use the mac version of this update. On the link above, there is a windows version of the froyo update. I just downloaded it and updated my Galaxy to Froyo. Everything seems to work just fine, but it did wipe my phone. No troubles, everything was backed up to my laptop before I did the update and gmail will resync my contacts. As for the programs I had installed, who cares, now I can install them to the SD card like I should have been able to do from the start. I also use ADW Launcher EX. I'm just have to re-customize. Oh well

I'm trying the same, but the software is stuck at "updating, do not disconnect" and the phone is stuck at "Downloading, Do not turn off target!!!". how long did yours take? I obviously don't want to keep it like this for hours! :(

After removing the battery the seconds time, I would say that it took around 7-8 minutes of so to download to the phone. Then it rebooted and the Galaxy S splash screen came up and stayed on the phone for about 5 minutes or so and then the phone went to the "generic" Sprint desktop that was on the phone when I first got it. I never unpluged from the laptop until the main screen came up (all done updating)

Because the Mac file is only ~90MB and the Windows file is ~200MB. You only need the file (which they both presumably contain) -- not all the installer fluff.

soo what if i instaled the leaked froyo a a few months ago? Do i have to remove that and instal the orginal one? or can i just go head and download the orginal one and set that one up? anyone? please help?

I had the leaked DK28 installed. The method failed.
The Windows update method worked fine. Backup first, sd card was
not touched.

Hey another way to do this is to download it with a web browser on your phone and use. File explorer to move it to the root of your sd card then then do the steps listed in the op... I did that and works well...

It's from Sprint's website, so I'd have to believe that it's the same one. Also, none of this was on the website till today, I would have a hard time believing that with all the delays they've had that they would waste their time making different versions of the Froyo update.

i installed to sdcard then entered clockworkmod (it didn't auto update), i selected to install from sdcard, it aborted with:
verifying current system...
assert failed: apply_patch_check("/system/bin/playlogo", "6a77......".
i returned to dl18 from dk28 then re-rooted phone. ideas?

No Asphalt no likey.... I guess I should believe what I've been reading all day and that if I've rooted and removed bloatware, that I just will need to wait.

If you do the update from the Samsung website it will work regardless of what modifications you've done on your phone. Of course it will wipe it clean...but you can still perform the update. And they've released the root for EB13 so you can just re-root and remove the bloat all over again. It worked for me.

(in the past) i used permanent root (not 1 click root). i uninstalled permanent root (which included putting the original playlogo back) then was able to install the from sdcard.
i was told that you can't install the over top of dk28 but 1 person above claims that he was able to using the 'windows update method'.
WOOHOO...blueooth voice command works!!! me so happy.
any word on whether samsung's micro-USB to HDMI out (that supports DLNA) will work anytime soon?

Isnt easier if you DL to the phone, move with astro and perform update?
There is no need for the pc.

HELP! I updated with the drag and drop, reboot method. IT WORKED! However...i can't get ANY music player to work...not the default, not WinAmp, nada...Can anyone help!?! They keep force closing.

I have a mac. I tried following the mac instructions...but when the file downloaded from the site, it didn't download as a "zip" just downloaded as a "update" folder....What am I doing wrong....also I have the unofficial froyo on my this creating a problem?....thank you guys for your help...

After restarting holding down vol, camera, and power, I got a list. Used down arrow to highlight and menu to select. I was on stock Eclair, but rooted using Z4. The update took under 10 minutes to complete. I went outside and GPS locked in 3 sec. Before updating I made sure to get a GPS lock. Not sure if that matters, but that's what I did. All seems good for me except Calendar isn't showing all events on my Google calendar and Twitter is showing some kind of sync error. I'll wait overnight to see if the calendar updates. Flash works!
Thanks Samsung and AC!

Is ANYONE having the same problem that I'm having with the Mac download...if so PLEASE help me to figure this out...I even tried downloading the zip file from my phone...still didn't work....HELP PLEASE...

I am having issues. I downloaded the PC version, and I run the software, get to the Software Download part, and as soon as it gets going I get an error that says SamsungPST for the title, and then it says "Error occured! cancel download!!" So I hit okay and click Start Software Download again, and then the Phone turns off and I have to start all over. Any idea how to get by this? I've tried reinstalling the software a bunch of times, and plugging the phone in different USB ports. Can't get anything to work. I even downloaded the .zip file to the sd card, and then put that back in the phone, and somehow got it to bring the menu up to install it from there, so I did that, and then it just turned off after about 5 minutes and I can't get the menu to come up again. Nothing is working.

I keep getting a message that says "E:failed to verify whole-file signature, E:signature verification failed, Installation aborted.....what in the HECK am I doing wrong...I'm sure many of you can understand my frustration at this point....I just don't know what I'm doing wrong...

Epic users will never see Gingerbread since when was the last time you saw a Epic commercial Sprint left it in the dust therefore its dust in the wind.

I have ran into quite a problem..
A while back, in December, Sprint and Samsung "released" the DK28 version of 2.2 for the EPIC and I decided to flash it since they said it was the real version. Not more than two days later, Sprint redacted this announcement, replacing it with a statement was translated by this site, and others, that people who flashed DK28 manually would not be able to install the "official" 2.2 when it was released. It seems like this is correct as upon trying to install the new EB13, an error arises in the form of:
assert failed: file_getprop("/system/build.prop". "") == "sprint/SPH-D700/SPH-D700/SPH-D700:2.1-update1/ECLAIR/DI18:user/release-keys"

The main point of this post being; how does one running DK28 update to EB13 since this is designed for people with DI18 Eclair?
(Or am I completely ignorant and have no clue what I'm talking about and just have missed something extremely elementary?)

has any notied any lag in the camera app after the update?? it seems a little choppy while recording on 720p

Anybody notice the 3.5mm jack STILL doesn't work after 2.2 on the docks? That pisses me off to no end.

Ok, I have been using the phone with the new Froyo update now since yesterday and still don't get what all the fuss is about. For months and months, people have been complaining about the whereabouts of this update, but I really don't see that it does anything substantially better or different for the phone than Eclair.

Here are the only noticeable changes:
(1) The lock-screen seems somewhat more responsive when one immediately tries to access their phone, but that is no biggie.

(2) The phone itself, however, seems more glitchy and hesitates when I switch between my home screen and other screens. In addition, the browser application seems strangely more responsive when using the zoom feature yet very sensitive and glitchy at the same time as it is constantly readjusting during the pinch-zoom, multi-touch feature.

(3) The SMS/test messaging dialogue boxes is no longer the simple white-on-black background with subtle alterations of grey and black backgrounds from before. Instead, there are these awful Iphone-esque text bubbles that are alternately yellow and blue. To make matters worse, the text/font itself is actually much smaller than before as is the text itself that one inputs into the "compose" field or even the "search" fields of the browser itself.

(4) The stock browser, as mentioned above, is hesitant and glitchy. Further, I keep receiving a message that I cannot open a new windows because too many windows are open. As a result, I have been defaulting to the Dolphin browser, which does allow for one to have multiple tabs.

(5) The GPS seems to be working well once a signal is found, but it did seem to take an inordinate amount of time to actually find a signal while attempting to use Google Navigation.

(6) The camera still takes great pictures, but there is a noticeably longer pause from the moment the picture is taken until the moment it appears on one's screen to review it. With Eclair, the whole process was much faster. In addition, there is a GPS signal icon that blinks while attempting to take a picture. While I find the idea of geo-tagging to be a cool concept, I can't seem to find any way to disable that feature.

(7) The few pluses I feel compelled to mention out of fairness is the improved YouTube functionality and the ability to now use Skype(with some limitations). The YouTube application allows one to see numerous videos now without the limitations or disabled videos that were common under the older incarnation with Eclair. Skype now allows one to actually access it to chat with simple messaging or to contact one via voice when using wi-fi only. Sadly, there is no video-calling option.

I did the update manual, no problems as of yet. So far I'm not too impressed with it though...

For the record, I have never complained about wanting 2.2, either.

I'm having the same problem; Windows 7 and XP will not recognize the drivers the install wizard puts on my pc and the SD Card update method fails. Help!?

I'm right there with you! I wish I could find out if someone that recieved the update via Sprint is having the same issue!

I used the from the samsung website. Everything installed OK but now my camera an music player instantly force close. any ideas to why?

I'm having the exact same problem. Was running stock Android (never rooted). Whenever I activate the camera or the music player the vibrates and force closes the application. Everything else seems to be working well so far.

I downloaded the file to my PC and copied it to the root directory (no folder) of the sdcard. Did the upgrade without any issue, all apps, contacts pictures, etc. OK.

Please advise if you got this problem and found a way around it.

I had that exact same issue yesterday and it was driving me insane so I found this link that also would update the phone to 2.2 using an .exe file you install on your computer.

Just do everything it says exactly in the order it tells you - pretty easy. OH, and be sure to backup EVERYTHING you want to keep (music, pictures, contacts, etc). It's going to wipe your phone completely, but you can backup contacts and music and such to the SD card so you'll still have your stuff after the update, just click on the import from sd option in the phone.

Kiss your text messages and ALL existing apps goodbye though...

I did all I was instructed to do but keep getting this when trying to boot into the file:

E:failed to verify whole-file signature
E:signature verification failed
Installation aborted


trying to use the windows installer and it freezes at the updating screen on the pc and downloading on the epic. tried pulling the battery and restarting quite a few times.. donno what to do now. when i just try to turn on the phone it shows a phone and pc warning sign. my phone is broke until i find a fix. thanks!

To add to the above error code, it now states:

E:Error in /sdcar/
(Status 7)
Installation aborted.

Friggin' ridiculous!

Sorry, wish I could help you with problems, but I followed the directions exactly how they are listed here and it worked fine. I just don't like 2.2 so far. The only good thing is moving around seems to be a bit faster, however there is a slight lag when I hit the power button to unlock the phone... I HATE THE NEW MESSAGE BOXES inside sms/texting.

Ok, for anyone who is getting the error something like "cannot find sdcard/" what you need to do is go to thanks to PGiovanni and download the file. After this go into my files and move it out of downloads and on to the sd cards main screen. In other words after you long press on press move and then move here, also i renamed the file just in case the phone couldn't find it becasue of the name. After this go back reboot screen (Volume down, camera, power) and select update zip and there you go. The only problem I'm having is that anything related to media i.e music, sounds, or rintones force closes. anyone have anything to report about that?

Wait wait wait! The samsung epic right? How is it samsung delivers a flashable zip only for the eipc while the rest of us have to use a halfassed program which doesn't recognize phones or isn't capable of staying connected to the internet, or precaching the update so you don't have to start the whole damn process over again because the program thinks you disconnected from the internet... wow! You guys are lucky!

Manual install went great about 12 hours ago. Only issues to note since then is I have lost service a few times. I get a circle with a line through it where it shows signal bars, battery and time. I have also had a couple force closes I have not received before. Changing to airplane mode and back to normal seems to help half the time wheb I lose my signal. It is not an issue I have had before. I live within small radius of three towers. Any ideas?

I think I'll hold off on this and let sprint push me the update. Don't want to mess up my replacement phone I just got not even 2 hours ago.

I did this to my wifes phone. It wiped the whole entire thing. We found out the hard way that her contacts were not sync'd up with google. She lost them. I'm lucky if I'm still married by morning.

so with lots of google research, i learned that i bricked my phone. i found a solution and tried again with the window installer and bricked again. luckly i learned the quick fix but im still unable to get this installed. i cant seem to move the file over to the sd card either.. donno what to do but wait for the OTA update.

This update is not working for me because i have removed the nascar app. While patching during the update an error message comes up which directly lists the nasacar.apk.

Does anybody have a way to work around this.

I tried the download and it appeared to work fine until I started to check out the phone and found I lost my sounds, camera stopped working, and picture gallery would not load, I wound up doing a hard reboot cause I could not go back, but even after the reboot what I wound up with was a factory reset of froyo on my phone. Which worked for me, I recommend you wait for the OTA from Sprint just to be safe. I found froyo to be a good upgrade which added some flavor to the phone but in truth compared to eclair it was not earth shattering. You will enjoy the additions you will get, but here is the what Sprint said was the cause of the problem I had and others have had, the sd card has to be removed before the upgrade and leaving it in to do the upgrade was the problem.

I have had yet more issues within the past 24 hours of installing the new Froyo update on my Samsung Epic. As mentioned above in my enumerated post, the phone seemed more glitchy and hesitant than before under Eclair.

(1) Yesterday, around 7pm, my phone got stuck, where the only icon in the dock was the "applications" icon. There were no "phone, contacts, or messaging" icons at all in my dock. The only thing I could do was toggle back and forth between the "home/applications" icon. After having determined that there is no way with Touch Wiz to actually add back the icons to the dock and not understanding how or why they were now missing from my dock, I decided to do a factory reset on the phone. The factory reset brought the phone back to the basic Froyo 2.2(Eclair has apparently been wiped clean after having done the previous install). I then proceeded to add back all my applications, which I had backed up to my SD card. Fortunately, all 4 dock icons have returned upon reset.

(2) Despite the dock now being made whole again, the phone remains glitchy. A noticeable and frustrating glitch occurs when I use the slide-out keyboard. With Eclair, the phone automatically switched to landscape mode to accommodate the slide-out keyboard. It was flawless and effortless without any hesitation with Eclair.

NOW, however, the phone pauses(10-15 seconds) and the circular "loading" symbol appears on the screen, taking a while to slowly re-populate the screen with widgets/ icons while making the switch to landscape mode and vice versa. And, yes, I did toggle the "auto-rotate screen" option under settings to see if that somehow had any effect on it. Unfortunately, neither option helped.

Has anyone else noticed any of these issues with their phone since the update?
If Eclair is still available on the Samsung site, I may download it and revert back to it. I can't really see that Froyo has made any huge difference in my phone. The only thing it has done is allow me to access the Skype application directly, but I was already able to do that indirectly already with the IMO Messenger Android application.

Can someone please explain what the great improvements are to this phone under Froyo, considering the number of people asking to have Froyo on their phone? Surely it isn't just an example of having the NEXT and LATEST THING, The latest incarnation of software isn't always a step-up. Windows Vista is surely a recent example of the falsity of such a notion.

Isn't it possible that poorly-conceived/programmed UPDATE with Froyo may very well make the Samsung Epic worse than it was before? In my humble opinion, this update has done just that.

ok.. after four trys and three bricks, i finally got it. Sadly, it took all that effort and two days of frustration for me to figure out that i should walk down the hall and try a different usb cable. everyone says the samsung cables suck and they do! i wasnt able to complete the windows installer and it took 10 trys to get odin to reinstall to stock after each bricking. when i tried to transfer over to my sd would just pend and stick. i tried to transfer pictures over to the sd to see what was up and those wouldn't transfer either. after i grabbed my old blackberry micro, the file moved over in less that 30 seconds and i had the update installed in less that 5. so far its running smoothly and everything is functioning. i'll update if anything changes. good luck everyone! - if everything else fails, try a new cable!

I have downloaded the file and put it on my sd card,,, now with I manually try and update it i get a message

e: failed to open /sd card/ (no such file or directory)
e: signature verification failed
installation aborted.

does anyone have any suggestions?

I have downloaded the zip file several times please help

the reason for the message is when you move the over the the sdcard make sure it says "" when you download onto your computer it saves it with file name"update" at first I renamed it myself to "" and when I did the install the same message appeared. so I deleted it from the sdcard whent back to the update file where i saved it on my computer but this time did not change the name. just move it over again to the sdcard do not change it because is is still called "" even though the name does not appear. unplug the phone(make sure you un-mount and disconnect before you unplug the usb wire. Then turn phone back on find the file and it will load.

I just completed the download using the MAC download on to my pc and it went perfect and there are NO issues with my Epic 4g and the Samsung dock station know works great even with the external speakers. I am have NO camera issue I lost NO app, all contact are still in tact and I have Froyo 2.2 YA!