Samsung Galaxy S4 phone call

It’s easy to get lost in the data functions available on the Samsung Galaxy S4, but a phone is still a phone.

By default, the phone app on the Samsung Galaxy S4 should be at the bottom of the screen - just tap it, and a dial pad should appear. If the phone icon is not there, tap the Apps icon in the bottom right, and swipe left and right until you find Phone in the full app list. In that case, if you want to move the phone app to your home screen, hold your finger on the icon, drag it to whichever screen you want to put it into (or the quick access area at the bottom), then release your finger. After opening the phone app, tap the numbers you need and hit the green phone icon in the middle at the bottom to start the call.

Along the top of the phone app you can also access tabs for recent calls (logs), favorite contacts, and contacts. Through all of these tabs you can quickly initiate new calls to anybody in your address book. After tapping the contact you want to call, just tap the green phone icon next to which of their numbers you want to call.

Phone app for the Samsung Galaxy S4

You can also scroll down in your contacts and designate custom ringtones for whenever they call you. When receiving a call, your screen will show the number. Swipe the green circle from left to right to answer the call, or the red circle from right to left to ignore it. You can also tap the tab at the bottom to send a pre-set text message after rejecting the call. 

There are plenty of options to dig into once you hit the menu key and tap Call settings. These include setting up call forwarding and blocking, designating voicemail provider, and setting ringtones. 

That's about all there is to making a call on your Samsung Galaxy S4. Any questions? 


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How to make a phone call on the Samsung Galaxy S4


Is this article necessary because of making a simple phone call is not common knowledge or is made so difficult from a smartphone manufacture? The phone is not new, after all.

Am I the only one who is baffled by the existence of these S4 tutorials? I mean the phone has been with us for a long long time and only now we are getting how tos and a lot of them and only S4. How come? Soon very soon we will be trying out S5. When can we expect tutorials for that phone (not that I would ever need or want one)? Next year?
Obviously there is a saying: Better late than never. But this is a hit too late I would think. And why specifically S4?

You're not the only one. I recall there was a survey from the beginning of the year and one question was would anyone mind basic tutorials (or something along those lines) - I think this is a result of it, but I thought it would be device-agnostic tutorials, not only the S4 (which will be replaced soon).

But I don't think anyone had in mind basic tutorials of this level. This is absurd.
Precisely WHO is this intended for? Who is so dumb that they buy a phone that they can't manage to figure out howto a call, but at the same time at smart enough to run a computer and look it up on the internet?

Do we get a flood of these articles now, one for each phone?

Is AC so hard up for stories?

The only thing I can think is so they get more hits on Google searches. Think of the old people searching for stuff about their galaxy S4 they just bought. They'll click here and boom ad money for AC.

Could you write a guide how to turn the phone on? I keep seeing your interesting articles but can't try them as my phone is off.

Haha! I was coming here just to post something like this. I was wondering if the next article we saw would be "How to turn your Galaxy S4 on".

Really reaching for filler for the site these days, aren't they?

I was really thrown off by the first super basic and specific "how to" article they did for the S4. If this is filler it is very poor filler, I think most of their target audience can use their phone to make calls. I am assuming they are trying to reach a new demographic of new and basic users, or maybe our grandparents...

Followed by a tutorial on how to pick your phone up off the table. I've been *waiting* for that one for so long...

I'm still trying to figure out how to obtain one in the first place. I heard a rumor that some sort of financial transaction or contract may be involved, but until I get more information I'll just sit tight and wait.

I don't know how to run an app. Can you please show me? I see a picture of mail. But do I tap it? Or click it with my mouse? My mouse doesn't move my Android!! Please help!! I come to this place because you are the only ones teaching me these things! /s

Seriously though. Really?!?! This is a completely new kind of stupid.

Are these satire? Page view grabs? Some kind of meta commentary on inane how to articles? Are the writers paid by the post? Some kind of weird advertising deal? I'm really struggling to understand why these exist.

But wait ... if people aren't smart enough to know how to make a phone call on their PHONE, maybe we need a guide on how to turn their phone on first. I mean they can't do any of these how-to articles if they don't know how to turn their phone on.

Things must be pretty slow there at Android Central ...............................

No, really. You guys are starting to suck. And I'm starting to look for an Android news site replacement.

AC used to be my favorte, but android police is now the best one there is. Very little advertising, they get straight to the point, and they are BRUTALLY honest which is very nice.

What is the point of these tutorials? If the target audience is people that can't use a year old phone to make calls, maybe I should find another site to follow Android news.

I'd like to chime in with everyone else here. I was going to say something yesterday with the texts tutorial but chose not to. Now this is ridiculous.

Ok, enough with the S4 tutorials, ya know we have other phones ;)

Maybe you can make a tutorial section and direct people there, not keep posting this stuff on the front page.

I can't help but agree with the majority here. If going forward AC is going to try to move themselves to a "Welcome to Android" site, then I'm going to have to move on to other blogs. I suppose there's a niche for that, but your (previous?) target demographic is not looking for Android 101.

I couldn't agree more. I thought yesterday's post was bad enough, but this one today is absolutely insulting. I've had android central in the heart of my news feed for 3 years now Phil, and my account details will prove that, but maybe it's time for us veterans to move on...?

Know what, folks? We're building out our reference materials. (Which we should have done a long time ago.)

Of course you all know how to make a phone call. You're our core audience, and we love you. You shouldn't be reading this post. You shouldn't be commenting on this post. These sort of articles are one a day. Not on the home page. Not even shared on social.

I don't think that's too many. And it in no way has affected the rest of our coverage — a fact you conveniently ignore.

For everyone who lands on this page because they need help with their Galaxy S4 (or any other phone), welcome! We're glad you're here. Don't let folks discourage you from trying to learn everything you can about your phone. 

Nice try Phil.
But if you have to justify this kind of article, and you are STILL wearing your editor in chief hat, then you're doing it wrong.

I'm not justifying anything. I'm explaining why you're all wrong, and, frankly, being rude to folks who might need some help.

Front page or not, they show in your RSS feed which is where I've been seeing them every day.

And no offense Phil, but you might want to check your emotions at the door when replying to some of your core audience. Telling them that they're all wrong may not be the best way to explain your stance. Talk about being rude...

Na I like the deal of the day posts. Sometimes they're good, and every one of them helps AC stay funded so I'm cool with those. But yeah these tutorials are insane...

are people who need help making a phone call your core audience? these posts are wasted on your core audience (i find them a nuisance and a bit of a JV attempt to get page views.

just because you don't share them on social or put them on the home page doesn't change the purpose of these.

If you were really trying to be helpful, these points wouldn't be titled (w/ accompanying image towards the S4), but since that is the best choice for SEO, then of course, you'll do that.

Making tutorials for people who are new to Android/smartphones is perfectly fine however I do think this tutorial is too simplistic. Even for first time smartphone users, I do think they would understand that the phone shaped icon would be for making calls.

Seriously? These guides are getting more ridiculous every day. And yes, I get these posts in my RSS reader.... About how to make a phone call.... God...

So are the screen shots used for this article a custom-rommed phone? All of my Phone screens are in white and I'd love for them to be black? Is there a way to change that on an unrooted stock ROM?

Have to agree with the other comments. If I keep seeing articles like this I'm just going to get my updates elsewhere. If these were meant as a joke it would actually make more sense.

Are you guys serious with this crap? Why are you even making these dumb ass articles? To get more hits on Google searches? Pathetic.