Logitech Revue Google TV box

Sidled up to Logitech at the Digital Experience event in New York City, and lookie what we found -- the Logitech Revue Google TV set-top box. OK, so it's not plugged into a TV or anything, but it's still nice to actually pick up the device and get a feel for how it might look among our home-entertainment system. We'll worry about how it works -- and eventually how it runs Android apps -- later this year. Check it out, after the break.

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chapaboy says:

I don't think it has wifi
I will probably hope/wait for the wifi version

dalingrin says:

No need to wait for a wifi version. Just get a cheap router that can act as a wireless bridge. I get better network performance by doing this with my PS3 and Directv DVR/VOD rather than using the device's wifi.

chapaboy says:

could you tell me which router do you have? ?

JDMSirEK4 says:


Matthew#AC says:

I've very interested to see what the remote is like. I'll probably get one anyways, but having a good remote (with keyboard) is important. I hope it's like the Boxee Box remote.

ceriem says:

Even better, I hope you can use an Android phone as the remote, though they've probably already announced that feature.

WarER4X says:

I'm excited to see what Google TV devices are released before the end of the year. I'm holding out for a Blu-ray player with Google TV built in.


gbhil#AC says:

All I know is that when/if Phil gets a review unit, I'm coming over with a couple cases of beer to help him evaluate it :p

ceriem says:

Chances of compatibility built into PS3 or XBox360?

Zindoh says:

baby jesus is crying