Following closely behind their first "Getting Started" tutorial for the Nexus 7, Google has produced another video to help new users gets acquainted with the device. The short video pokes around a Nexus 7's "Google" folder in the dock, highlighting the important aspects of the headline Google Apps. This is all easy stuff for the hardcore Android nerds among us, but really useful if the Nexus 7 is your first time using Android, especially Jelly Bean. Take a look at the video, you may learn a thing or two.

Source: Google Nexus YouTube Page


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Google's New Nexus 7 How-To Focuses on Google Apps


Even though I just purchased a G-Note ( Could care less about the Vaporware G-Note 2 coming.... whenever..) I may have to pick one of these pups up.. was going to get the wife one of the Walmart $148.00 S3's but for $50.00 more this is so much more worth it..

Not Here.. They are called Super Walmarts.. They have a full Electronics Section.. The S3 is already Dirt Cheap at $148.00.. Because the "Real Super Phones" are on the way this fall..