Google Wallet Update

Here's one of those good news/bad news stories. Google Wallet has gotten itself an update today for "Support for new device form factors," "prepaid top-up improvements" and "security enhancements." Sweet.

The bad news is that it still doesn't work on the Sprint HTC EVO 4G LTE, and that's still no good. The EVO is one of the top two phones in Sprint's lineup right now, and Google Wallet's one of the major features touted. And it still doesn't work.

Anyhoo, if you're using Google Wallet, be sure to get your update on ASAP. 

Download: Google Wallet for Android; more: EVO 4G LTE forums


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Google Wallet updated, still doesn't work on the EVO 4G LTE


I'm wondering if this update fixed the SGIII? Sad that we on the EVO 4G LTE are still left in the cold.


Hey, it no longer complains about my Country. Now its just the phone and the carrier it doesn't like.

Progress. (chuckle).

Still not supported in Canada.

GWallet is cool, but sadly somewhere somehow consumers and businesses are going to have to agree to a standard. Until then GWallet and other virtual wallets using NFC is just geeky technology with no real-world purpose.

They could easily enable it. Like others have said you can simply make a few build.prop changes and make it work. The real issue is that if you like to flash roms (and a whole lot of early adopters do) and you don't clear your google wallet settings before flashing a new rom you will brick the secure element within your NFC chip forever. It will never again be able to be used for google wallet purchases. I suppose they are trying to figure out how to prevent that before re-enabling it on the EVO LTE.

There's no technological reason it doesn't work out of the box with stock ROMs. The pre-ordered phones had working Google Wallet for the week between when they arrived and the official release date, but it stopped being able to connect to the servers soon after the release date. There is nothing wrong with the stock ROMs as far as Wallet is concerned -- it is being artificially blocked by Google.

For those of us who enabled Google Wallet before rooting and now are stuck until they fix it, so we can reset our accounts before rooting. We know it can be fixed, but until Google fixes wallet so we can reset our accounts we cannot root. Catch 22. If someone would find a fix so we can reset and get around that stupid message shown in the picture "above" that would be more helpful.

Oh well not working on my Galaxy S3 Tmobile. It will sooner or later there's to much great things about this device to worry about that one application.

My google wallet worked fine when I first got my Evo, even put some money on the prepaid card. But now can not use it, has anyone had any luck getting your money back from the google prepaid card?

I was able to go to the Play store online and my Verizon Galaxy Nexus showed up as an available device to send the install to. It pushed down and installed without any issues. Stock 4.0.4, no root.

Better than my situation, I have Google Wallet but I never got my 10 bucks for the prepaid card to try it out. :(

It's not working on my Sprint GS3. Out of the box version says it's not updated, but the updated version from Play also says that same and sends me back to Play.