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Google’s teasing a new version of its Google Wallet over on the official site, and what's interesting is it might finally be rolling out to non-Android devices.

Upon requesting an invite on the site, you're prompted as to whether you’re using an Android, iOS or “other” device. Can we expect Google Wallet to become more ubiquitous, or perhaps see it in a version for iPhones, BlackBerry devices or Windows Phone?

This could allow you to bring your Google Wallet across different devices. The upcoming Windows 8 phones from HTC and Nokia will bring NFC capability too, although that leaves the iPhone 5 out of the tap-to-pay game for now. Maybe Google Wallet for Apple devices will help with the shopping online part of the story, or replace the Passbook app’s ticket collection function.

Then again, it's possible Google is just gauging interest from users on different platforms. We'll keep you posted on any further developments. In the meantime, hit the comments to share any speculation of your own.

Source: Google Wallet, Thanks, Eli Fried!


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Google Wallet site hints at possible multi-platform future


You already can. Every major phone Sprint is releasing this year has NFC and I'm pretty certain has it preloaded (if not then it is simply available from the market without any requirement to side-load or anything).

This has already been implemented. Sprint has multiple non-Nexus phone with Google Wallet . No root needed, but Sprint is needed.

Will be interesting to see how this plays out. Wonder if Apple will approve it without getting some sort of cut on the back end like on in app purchases.

I think google will do what Korea Telecom(KT) did. Apple has approved KT's NFC wallet app which requires you to get an NFC case from their retail stores in order for you to use the app either this or google will start selling NFC enabled stickers if google wallet comes to iOS. (this is my own opinion)

As a Sprint customer, and therefore long time wallet user, I consider this an essential feature in any of my future phone purchases. I use Google Wallet so much it's almost replaced the need for me to carry my credit card. Morning coffee, gas, groceries, coke machine at work etc etc ... all use NFC

I did wonder a while back why Google were calling my phone an iPhone... Looking up payment info in play and wallet sites.

Question... I had Google wallet on my gnex with sprint but just refused to suffer their service anymore. Went to Verizon with the gs3. I've rooted every phone I've ever had but just don't find the urge to with this one(yet) can I side load g wallet on my gs3 without root on Verizon?

The only way you can get G wallet to work is to find a sideload copy, change the Register ID of your phone to a Sprint S3. Then load the app. This of coarse requires root. (So to answer your question, No not without root.) Myself am waiting until they release ISIS. Then they may let verizon's S3s download wallet. (fingers crossed)

Really irritating that we once had G Wallet on wife's GNEX, now blocked. Yet, he phone is not one of the phones on the list to use with ISIS. That should not be, especially since the phone has NFC software. Come on Verizon. OPen up Google Wallet for those Gnex owners. you have no right the customer to use software that the phone has capability of utilizing. Let's face it. the little bit of profit you get out of consumer use is only going to be for a couple years. By then everyone will trade up to something else. What's the big deal?