Google Wallet ATM

OK. Google Treasure Maps was funny. Gmail Blue? We'll play along. Google Nose was nothing to sniff at.

But now we have Google Wallet ATM, and we're starting to count the hours until April 2.


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Google Wallet ATM - because ... nah ...


"... we're starting to count the hours until April 2."

Right there with you. It's only 9.45am on the east coast and I'm already tired of sifting through the chaff to get to the real news articles, status updates, etc.

The problem is that every division at Google seems to want in on the April Fools stuff, which means we're being swarmed with pranks. One or two of these would be funny, all of them grouped together, it gets dull.

Seeing as how Google started this stuff on March 31.....yes.

At this point Google is that friend of yours that doesn't know when the joke they are telling that everyone was laughing at earlier is no longer funny.

Eh? It's only because you are seeing them in one place - here. If you were using Google's products over the corse of the day you'd probably only see one or two and might even think for a second they are true. However it is because AC is collecting them all and publishing them and then bitching about the fact they are having to publish them all (pro-tip: they don't).

I would prefer to run across them while web browsing rather than have them here - most of them don't have anything to do with Android anyway.

Aww, c'mon guys. Some of these aren't half bad. Gotta say GMail Blue is not at all convincing, but I enjoyed watching the videos though. Map & Youtube are my favs. But yeah, they prolly should stick to revealing these on 1st April exclusively.

Google Wallet's ATM is still better than GMail Blue. I agree though that April 2 can't come soon enough.