If you're running Android 1.6 and above right now (which should be most of you), you can now download the latest update to Gesture Search from Google Labs. For those not familiar with the app, Google has created an app that allows you to search everything on your Android device by simply drawing out symbols or letters on your device's screen. 

The new update brings the abilty to literally face the phone away from you and doing a "double flip," resulting in the app starting up to begin your search. This is a step forward, as the app once required you to exit to the home screen and select the widget to run the app.

Video demo from Google after the break. [Google Mobile Blog]


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Google updates Gesture Search app, now with flipping action


This new update is killing the battery. I see my battery consumption by Google Search is 76% on HTC Evo 2.1 despite killing the app. It does not show in Advanced Task Manager but I see it is still running under battery usage screen.

Please respond back if anyone is having the same issue.

I'll test it out but i guess the only way to stop it is to disable double flip. I see this being more likely to increase the "show-off-ability" of the phone more than increasing actual productivity.

I installed this last night and wow did it burn my battery. I had a full charge last night, unplugged it at about 2am and at 6am had 39% battery. Honestly I don't really use Gesture Search. I find it's far quicker and easier to just hit the phone key (on the incredible) and type a couple letters of the contact and then you can text, call, email all from right there (long pressing)

I got the app and tested it out and you're exactly right, it's really just a gimmick. Even when you do the gesture it still takes a few seconds for the app to open.

It's quicker to just hit the search button and tap out the search. Although I wish the gestures worked on the search button.

Are you sure it isn't because it's indexing all of your search items? Mine's taking 26% battery but it's still indexing. And the flip thing doesn't really work, but then again my compass stopped working right on my droid.

Wow that is cool. You android people are so lucky. I am stuck with a blackberry in an att contract. I stopped in a verizon store yesterday and messed around with a droid x. Man, what a cool phone that is.

I think the doubleflip feature finally makes it useful. They should continue refining this and then integrate it into Gingerbread.

It's probably because I have a Hero, but it actually takes less time to hit the Gesture Search icon than it does to flip the phone around.

This probably could be done without the update and battery kill using Tasker, provided you already bought Tasker...

I had to remove the icon from my homescreen because it kept calling the local Chinese restaurant somehow. Who am I going to call now.? Hope homeland security doesn't come for me after this thing makes repeated calls to the White House.

This is a strange one. It is reporting 75% battery use but it doesn't seem to be draining the battery i.e. it is not draining any quicker than it would normally. When I click through it has used a total of 1m 50s CPU time (1m 21s foreground) versus Android system showing 6% battery usage with 7m 4s CPU time (54s foreground). It seems to be an issue with the reporting of battery usage not usage in itself.


ADW and swipe up have totally added a new dimension to shortcuts on my homescreen. It basically doubles my dockbar shortcuts from 15 to 30 shortcuts. So I use a swipe up on my apps button to access gesture search now. Cool idea though

I can get the flip to work maybe 1 time in 10. But it's not hard to tap the icon. Still one of my two favorite search tools. (Better Contacts is the other.)

Downloaded this App from the Market tonight and Love it so far !!! it really helps when you have 200-300 songs on the phone plus over 100 contacts........Many times I have to "write" the second letter of what I am looking for and then it finds it like 99% of the time ! I dont want to mess with the Flip option...just hitting the screen takes 1 second.....

I uninstalled it this a.m. after leaving my phone charging all night and finding it still not charged this a.m. Just don't need it all that badly. What a battery hog!

Agreed. Battery was destroyed even on the least sensitive setting and it was difficult to get it to work even on the most sensitive setting. I tried to show off in front of some iPhone fanatics and ended up looking like an idiot after the tenth failed attempt. Later, when least expected and definitely not wanted, the double-flip would bring up the search randomly at the worst times. Double-flip disabled.