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We're knee deep into playing with our new Logitech Revue and Google TV -- and so are a few of you as well. Did you pick up a Revue? How about Sony Internet TV? Will they transform the way we watch television and use the Internet? Jury's still way, way out on that one, folks.

But in the meantime, if you're looking for me, I'll be in our Google TV forums trading initial thoughts with you guys. Join in!

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Google TV - first impressions [from the forums]


I think is too damn expensive, one of the reasons why I am not purchasing it. I have PlayOn runnning on my Windows Media Center PC steaming over the airways and it's just great no issues plus my tuner card has the DTV tuner built in so I can also watch those channels and hacked it to see hulu plus PlayOn just added other services and I have Netflix. So I am not sure why you would spend $300 on this when you can get an XBOX and stream from Windows Media Center and have play on and netflix built in!!! That is all you need why anything else from what I can see Google Tv only offers web surfing which I dont need to do on my TV senseless that's why I have a laptop or IPAD for while I am watching TV. Just more thingd to add that on the market that make no sense!!!!!!

>"So I am not sure why you would spend $300 on this when you can get an XBOX and stream from Windows Media Center"

Um, because perhaps there are people that don't want to spend many hundreds of dollars for an xbox-like device AND MS-Windows Media Center AND the machine that has to run on?

There are a lot of reasons that "Google TV" might not be interesting, but that isn't the primary reason. I, for example, have a TiVo. I can already transfer HD video from my Linux desktop to it. Plus it is a real HD DVR, and has Netflix, Pandora, Amazon, Youtube, mp3, pictures, dual tuners, live mode, etc.

Why would I want a "Google TV" that forces me to not only watch commercials but also adds one more layer of Google spying to the mix and possibly THEIR ads too? That might be the best reason to not be interested in their device.

tldr: "This device does not fit my needs, therefore it is worthless!"

To put it another way, how many people in the US just have a TV and some low end PC? This platform is trying to bring media center PC functionality further into the mainstream.

At first I was extremely excited for this product, Hoping it would replace my cable and finally free me from that hellish bill. Sadly this is not the case. The $300.00 Price tag is too much for me drop it by $200.00 and I'm sold. Once hulu plus is ad free and this set box drops in price and supports it I will buy.

I am sure most people already have a PC with Windows Media Center running on it, ie: Windows Vista or 7 already include it. XBOX now a days is cheap $199.00 even the older version is $150 bucks or you can buy it used at gamestop for $125.00. Enough said.!!!!

Is it me or is this like webtv back in the day? Guess it was too ahead of its time. Also why not just get a "net top" ion based desktop? More versatile and powerful or am I missing something? Heck mount it behind ur tv even.

This is androidcentral. And this thing runs on android. In case you didn't know there is more to android than just phones. Using it right now and it is more than roku or web tv. And it is easy as hell to use.

Everybody's to free to use what they want, but, this is about Google TV, not my (or your) other stuff. For those who have bought it let them give some insight as to the good or bad. Mine came this afternoon via UPS and I will be setting it up this weekend. At least this wasn't as expensive as my 42" Plasma HDTV I bought 6 years ago. Oh and it died 6 moths ago.


So last time I checked this was a thread was to discuss first impressions of the Google TV experience so that other interested parties could read the feedback of initial buyers and what they think of the product so far. SO WHY THE HELL DOES SO MANY HAVE THEIR TWO CENTS TO B%#CH AND MOAN ABOUT WHY THEY CANT AFFORD ONE AND THE $300 PRICE TAG ? This isn't the I CANT AFFORD ONE AND FEEL LIKE COMPLAINING ABOUT IT thread.

ANYWAY , Now that I got that off my chest ...

So I am looking to buy a new TV this week as well as the Google TV ... Can anyone tell me what they think of the Sony TV with built in Google TV vs. Logitech's stand alone revue box ? Are they identical interfaces ? Pros and Cons for both ?

Thanks !

Let me get my "well actually" in. Isn't your true first impression how it is priced and packaged? Do you think talking about price and purchase is any less of an opinion on the unit than the ability to hear, touch, and taste it? The title talks about first impressions and the questions asked are:

"Did you pick up a Revue? How about Sony Internet TV?"

The answer to these questions depends on cost and value, so the conversation has to naturally start with the price and the perception Google and Logitech has given for it be part of you and/or your families entertainment experience. If the cost is too high and/or the experience is just a duplication or even less than a duplication of what you already have, then the conversation won't make it past cost and value for most. So as far as I am concerned , to mostly quote mafoster410, continue to "HAVE your TWO CENTS & B%#CH AND MOAN ABOUT WHY YOU CANT AFFORD ONE AND THE $300 PRICE TAG ?"

Ironically, you went way off topic complaining about those complaining about the price and so did I.

I will not get one at this point. There are a lot of content providers that need to be on board before I decide to drop that much money. Don't think the cable companies aren't gearing up for a fight.

Good point... I won't bitch and moan about the $300 price tag, OK? Instead, I will bitch and moan about how NBC, CBS, ABC, and FOX are now blocking Google TV from seeing their content despite said content being available to ANY other capable internet browser. Not that it's google's fault, or your fault, or anyone's fault except the incredibly vile media companies, but it is what it is.

This SUCKS and unless it changes there is NO way I would consider buying a Google TV device.

This is supposed to be a thread from people who have had hands on and their initial impressions of the product HANDS ON. Just like Kevin said, it is to help people who are interested in buying. You complaining about the price tag doesnt help anybody...all of us can see the price tag. Some people want to see in this thread if the 300 is a good deal or not based on hands on impressions. So, at any rate, quit whining about the price tag and put some useful hands on impressions in here.

So when I tried to setup my revue with my Comcast (Motorola DCH-3416) connected via HDMI (to an Onkyo TX-SR608) the first problem I had was with the setup since it couldn't find my STB (set top box) oh btw that's the Comcast I'm referring to. So after going through the setup with my best effort the sound is choppy and there's no picture. The revue? perfect video and sound when going to the WEB. Needless to say I will be having Comcast out to my place tomorrow.