Potential new Gmail features revealed in leaked screenshots

Some leaked Gmail screenshots are revealing a tantalizing array of new features. You'll find new sorting tabs for Travel, Purchases, and Finance, and a pinning system so important e-mails stay at the top of the list. Conversely, you'll also be able to snooze e-mail threads that aren't especially important, so you don't keep getting notifications when someone replies.

This is apparently still very much a work in progress, so don't take these glimpses as a final product. Our sources have confirmed that these are legit, in any case. Do you guys have any pet peeves with the Gmail app? What would you like to see added in the next version? Are they on the right track with these changes?

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Potential new Gmail features revealed in leaked screenshots


I like the built in Finance tab. That would be good for email alerts, fraud alert and statements.

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pinning sounds great
that's my setup on the pc, multiple inboxes for unread, help keeps the important ones at the top

Only gripe at the moment is the introduction of advertisedments. Get enough crap in my email, without crap next to email

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Would also like to have an option to show as read and archive/delete. I know there are apps that can do this, but it really should be built in.

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If you go into you promotions view, for instance, the first item at the top looks like an email, but it's a different color background (cream), and it's an ad. Pretty annoying.

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I'd REALLY like a "sort" option for the "from" column. That would make mass deletions so much easier. I've found some "hacks" to do this, but integrated ability would be good.

+10000 I don't understand why this is not included. Every other e-mail provider has this option already.

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I never understood how to delete old messages and old attachments, must do something to clear the inbox.

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What? In the Inbox section just swipe the email away, if in the email itself just hit the trash can at the top.

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Swiping from the inbox (either left or right) archives the email. It doesn't delete it.

Swiping from the All Mail section (either left or right) deletes it -- but who wants to manage mail from the All Mail area!?

You can change the setting so that swiping will delete messages instead of archive. Its something I always change as its set to archive by default.

New sorting tabs would be great. I like the first round of sorting tabs, though having them actually work smarter would be nice, too. Why does every email from a single source get tagged as "Updates", for example? When these were first introduced, I moved some obviously "Promotions" emails from eBay into that tab, and now EVERY email from eBay goes there (including notifications about items I'm selling or buying), so I'm always moving them where they belong. It won't seem to re-learn anything, either. *sigh*

I'd also like the app to function properly on my Note 8 one day. Too many times I open an email from a notification only to have the tab name blank at the top of the app, which is quite annoying. Oh well! You can't have it all, I guess!

Hopefully they will finally let me turn off conversation view in the app. I hate conversation view. I don't get enough emails that I want any of this sorting or combining of messages. Give me an easy to read list of my emails on one screen please.

This is a big screwup. Looks like the iOS design. Why not stick to the Android guidelines like you made your developers to do for the past year. Now you want to change the UI again with this Google?

One of my biggest problems with Google is they make changes too quickly without much notice. Make your choice carefully.

Thank God, I want all the functionality of the laptop browser based GMail but I don't want to use a laptop. They're getting there.

All I want is the ability to email a group, like you can on the browser version.

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The ability to add other email service providers to the Gmail app would be great. I like the Gmail app and would rather use it instead what I use now. But I am not going to use multiple email clients for my various addresses.

I don't like it. Too iOSish. Which isn't bad in itself. But I don't think the top two OSes should look so similar. If anything should change for the Android Design guidelines, I'd say the size of the Action Bar should shrink (just a little) and transparent status bars should be used throughout the OS.

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Don't like the rounded iOS looking buttons at the top of these previews, or the all caps names.

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The one feature I would be ecstatic about would be a delete all within a tab. It's really annoying having to select each email to delete them...

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Any word on when (or if) we will ever see the ability to e-mail a group or distribution list in the Gmail app. It's possible on the web version, just not sure why it's not on the mobile app just yet.

I would like the sort date of an e-mail in the inbox to reflect the most recent e-mail in the conversation, even if it is a reply or forward from me. As it works now, the sort date is the last e-mail that was received from someone else in the conversation, but not me.