The promise of what Google Glass can provide is what nerd dreams are made of, and Google is showing off some of its potential capabilities in a new "how it feels" commercial that released today. Similarly to the first Google Glass commercial from last year, the video takes on the first-person POV to show the capabilities of glass in real-world situations. Not everyone will be flying stunt planes or doing aerial trapeze tricks, but Google also shows more realistic applications -- like playing catch with your dog, swinging your child around with both hands, or riding a rollercoaster.

We also get a better idea of how we'll be able to control and see the information presented by Glass. Voice prompts are started with the command "ok, glass" -- so, for example "ok, glass take a picture", "google pictures of...", "start a hangout with..." -- and one clip shows waving in front of the screen to switch between information.

The heads-up display (for lack of a better name) is shown to be persistent in the top right corner of your vision, and shows information such as pictures you take, video times when recording, messages and transcriptions, search results, hangout views and Google Now-style cards with information like weather and navigation.

Google is opening up a competition to stir up excitement for Glass as well, which is open until February 27th, and will offer more people the opportunity to get their hands on the device at the cool price of $1500. We see huge potential for Google Glass going forward, and hope that these lofty concepts shown off in the commercials can become reality sooner than later.

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Google shows us 'how it feels' to use Google Glass


So everybody over 200 miles away is out of the contest, especially those of us in the midwest, like me in St.Louis in the center of the U.S.

Love it. A bit confused at how we are watching people say "record video" THEN it starts recording.. is this like streaming vs recording to a file?

Anywho, lets just get down to real question.. when will this start being used in porn

"Anywho, lets just get down to real question.. when will this start being used in porn"

As soon as you get a pair lmao

I know people have their qualms about Google (some rightfully so); but I really like how Google is pushing the envelope of technology with Google Glass. It looks to be a very interesting concept; and if the price is right, it will be a huge hit with mainstream consumers around the world.

Still don't see the point of this or how Google intends to sell the mainstream on walking around with that thing on their faces.

Seriously? Look how many tools walk around with bluetooth headsets sticking out of their ear. At least Glass offers useful features when you wear it. I've never had a call so important that I had to wear an earpiece 24/7.

The number of people walking around with BT headsets in their ears seems to be shrinking each day as most people come to the realization that they look ridiculous with that thing hanging off the side of their head. With BT now being built into car stereos and things of the like the need for a dedicated ear piece of becoming smaller and smaller.

Enter Glass. Google is pitching a product that covers up, literally, a quarter of your face to help you get directions, take pictures/video, video chat.....tasks that all can be done with the phone that will continue to be in your pocket.

I get that some will be geeked up for this if for the newness alone. A new gadget always finds an audience. I just don't see how Google is going to be able to sell this thing to the masses.

This is going to be a hit product once they launch this. I doNOT see any reason of this going flop. almost everyone wear glasses and having this much power in glasses is amazing. Cant wait for my glass :)

Most people end up wearing glasses sooner or later -- for those people it's potentially no extra clobber at all (just another thing to remember to charge :-)

I dont get it, how are you going to get any good data connection while falling from the sky at 1000mph? Flying a plane and getting data, yea right!

these are beyond awesome....I am beyond words ...who would have thought that technology would have gotten to this stage so fast

ok for everybody this doesnt have any data, you can only use it if you use mobile hotspot with your phone or you are in a hotspot, and yes this video is more than a month old already.