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As Android fans, we use a lot of Google services - Gmail, search, maps, YouTube videos, you name it. Ever wonder where all those queries go? Well, recently Google allowed some press into one of their data centers to give the full tour. Beyond that, they've posted an astounding photo gallery from data centers all around the world, showcasing the fine people and extensive facilities that make Google services a reality. They've done it all in such a classy way that even those of us that aren't IT professionals can start to appreciate the complexity, beauty, and scale of the whole operation. 

Google made a point to highlight their water cooling system, which is more environmentally friendly than air conditioning. Though they still rely on local electrical providers, Google's working towards the use of more renewable energy. Privacy was also a high priority, with their video emphasizing security and their extensive data destruction techniques. Everything is doubly backed up, and done in triplicate with data tapes for the particularly important stuff. 

Using Google services on a day-to-day basis as a normal consumer makes it all feel fairly nebulous and, y'know, cloud-like, but Google is made of real people in big buildings with lots of machines and miles of wires; pictures like these really drive that point home. Be sure to read the Wired and CBS articles for their impressions of the tour, or check it all out for yourself through Street View.

Source: Google

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PCFreckle says:

Does this mean Ted Stevens was right?

Simon Sage says:

Well, there weren't really any trucks, so, yes. 

Shadowriver says:

Well yes and no :p by compiring internet to tubes he meant hardware bandwidth of networks connections, but it's very hard to jam (like a tube) them due fact there many them and some of them are pretty fast some 100GBit.

cammykool says:


Mobius360 says:

Pretty cool

murnja says:

It is beautiful.

Looks like a Windows screen saver.

mech1164 says:

I look at that first picture and wonder if JJ Abrams has seen it? Looks like part of engineering from his Star Trek 2009 film.:D

mauro.dig says:

Hey I met R2-D2 and a star war soldier visiting Google data center!

abdon_junbug says:

CBS is the problem. I try to watch video on another popular tech news site run by CBS from time to time (let's just call them PNET), and their video is studdery and unwatchable like the video above. Some of you might say my Mac is to blame. I say CBS should make sure their videos play well on all platforms.

That said, the Google data center is pretty neat.

bjn714 says:

Anyone see the Google kegerator? Wonder what is on tap...

The beauty of these photos could easily rival some national parks, in my opinion, lol. Maybe I just need to get out more, I don't know.

ChrisFricke says:

Same here. Worst Star Trek set ever.