Ever wonder what would cause a phone company or cell phone carrier to support the Android OS? (Besides it being totally cool, of course?) MocoNews cites anonymous sources that say Google has been paying these carriers and companies through the profits generated from advertising. These payments come for devices and providers that support specific Google functionality, like search, Gmail, maps and others.

Meanwhile, Phone Scoop fired off e-mails to various cell phone providers and manufacturers, and nearly all of them answered in the same "we do not discuss our business agreements" style. How big of an impact could this whole to-do be making? Well, as we have seen, many new carriers and manufacturers are continuing to board the Android train, so the impact may be much larger then we will ever know. [MocoNews via Phone Scoop]


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Google shelling out payments to Android adopters


I was actually thinking the same thing! How is this any different than any other time one company supports another company? Just about every company is getting paid by another company to support and offer their product. I don't see this as anything out of the ordinary for businesses (of any kind.)

I've been trying since I got my Droid to find a way to subscribe and download the full video podcasts from him and Rachel to no avail... :(

Not too surprising really

The "reaction" of the blogosphere on the other hand is interesting, people are reacting as if Google is the only company that does this

Sorry, but this is nothing new. Everyone is paying. Bing and Yahoo are paying to get their search engines on mobile devices, too. There are a lot of deals for search integration on desktop computers, too. And Google is giving Mozilla a rev share for the Firefox-integration. Just business ...