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Google Drive and Google Sheets for Android got some decent feature additions recently. Google Drive now lets users view changes made to files and folders from the details panel, along with a few new file management functions from the same pane.

You can also change view, comment, or edit permissions from the mobile app now. Meanwhile Google Sheets now allows users to open, edit, and save Microsoft Excel files. You can also view charts, insert formulas, and use find/replace throughout your spreadsheets.

Sheets was a relatively recent off-shoot from Drive, but can now handle all of your spreadsheet needs as a stand-alone app. Manage multiple pages, format cells, collaborate with peers, and, of course, have it all saved instantly to the cloud. Drive still does a stellar job of storing all of your files in the cloud for easy access later. It ties in seamlessly with Sheets and Docs, and has easy access to multiple Google accounts if you've got some juggling to do.

Go ahead and hop into the Google Play Store on your device to get the update. How many of you guys work with Microsoft Excel regularly? Does Google Sheets figure into your workflow regularly?


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Google Sheets gets Excel-friendly while Drive adds Activity Stream


All I need is multiple column filters that can be reapplied on-demand. I have to admit they made a lot of improvements lately and that I am almost ready to ditch Excel format. That is for personal use. They are nowhere near my needs for work.

Google need to continue improving the 3 apps. It is still behind office for ipad.
I use these apps all the time

You think they're not. In due time they'll catch up with Office. That's what they need to convince people to move to Chromebooks anyway.

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They are doing it but features are still not there yet. I hope one day they just update with tons of featurs

I know I should not be bringing up Apple products but I was given an iPad 2 as a gift. At the moment, Google Sheets for iPad can NOT open, edit and save excel files like Google Sheets for Android can, correct? I have tried to get it to work but I don't believe the functionality is there.

Thank God they added "find" - FINALLY!
Every time I use Google Docs apps on my mobile I use to think about how ridiculous it was that Google (the search giant) didn't include search functions in these apps.

My mother passed away last year.. I have been using Drive and Sheets to help manage the Estate stuff. It is not a huge estate, by she had several specific bequests and I used a Google Sheet on drive to track that, and a separate Sheet to track debts and other financial things.

I also used Drive to hold images of Death Certificates and other documents, so if someone needed ANOTHER copy on top of the THREE they already were sent (no, I am not bitter, why?) then all I have to do is forward it from Drive.

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Google Sheets still doesn't let me open password protected files. Yet, Kingsoft Office can do so without issue. If I've got any personal/sensitive data in my files, I password protect them: especially if I'm uploading them to the cloud where they sit unencrypted on a server where anyone with access can get at them. Because of this, Google Sheets is useless to me.