North Korea
North Korea as seen from the Dora Observatory

Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt is going to North Korea as part of a "private, humanitarian mission," The Associated Press reported this afternoon. North Korea is all but cut off from the rest of the world when it comes to the Internet (among other things). Will Schmidt's trip the the beginning of any sort of change there? We can only hope.

Source: Associated Press

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ajac09 says:

Calling it right now.. Google fiber becomes big.. in North Korea

XpAcErX says:

more like foxconn type sweatshop factories for making android devices.

donebrasko says:

Google Spy: now able to launch nukes from your Nexus with the push of a button.

Small_law says:

Redmond and Cuppertino are starred under the favorites tab.

Alec Smith says:

I'm scared as hell that north Korea is going to end up arresting him for some dumb reason

I was thinking the same thing. I think first and foremost we should all pray he stays, and returns, safely.

user311 says:

I'm sure he'll have the best armed guards money can buy with him and a million and one escape plans. Plus I doubt North Korea is dumb enogh to start a war with the US/Google.

mmaestro says:

They may be totalitarian, amoral, sociopathic assholes. But they're not stupid. They'd only do such a thing if they felt it was in their interests. And I can't think of a reason it would be.

Fingers crossed that whatever Schmidt is doing, it makes things better in some small way.

Interesting. Curious to see what comes of this.

Jack33 says:

All I can say is, "you got guts Eric." I know Kim Jung Eun is young and perhaps open to "reform" (?), but North Korea is North Korea and I'm sure there are old generals who may not share young Kim's enthusiasm.

mmaestro says:

The truth is we have no idea whether Kim Jong-Un is open to reform or not. But at least from outside, it looks like he's been pretty adept at being a strong force (rocket launches and the like) and consolidating his power. Whether he'll change course later we don't know, but right now, I don't think it looks hopeful. Frankly the biggest surprise is that he's in control. I'd expected the state to start to disintegrate by now.

radiohawk says:

At risk of being dubbed a troll, he should not go there for any reason, in violation of international sanctions

RETG says:

True. It's probably just a publicity stunt. Not much one man can do, even if they are rich as hell.

Eric Schmidt is like the Secretary of State. He goes around and get business done. Kudos to you sir!

xolanir says:

I wonder what the rumor mill will start drumming up about Google and North Korea doing illegal stuff with people's information. I really hope that whatever the reason behind the trip, that it will lead to the opening up of North Korea to the rest of the world. Who knows what types of technological advancements they have over there that they keep to themselves because of the old regime and their ways. Let's also hope he's safe as-well. Here's to the future!

LCW says:

He probably ain't coming back... he'll be in a north korean jail

PiotrekDG says:

Now, we can just hope it's not a one-way ticket.

E_man says:

Plans for world domination confirmed.

Beau Denison says:

this muthafucka needs to stay here and put the pressure on LG so i can get me a Nexus 4!

bigtank says:

arent they a Korean company?

deparson says:

Guys, North Korea is only dangerous if you live there.

There is nothing dangerous about visiting the country as long as you have a legit entry visa which Mr. Schmidt does. He also has approval from the State Department for his travel so he is good on both ends.

I would not, however, expect any great outcomes from his visit but one never knows.


aledelcastle says:

Leave the poor guy alone. If you had as much money as him, wouldn't you travel the world and hire some underage hookers from every piece of land you step on? Anyone, anyone?

BasPilot says:

I say we send in my brothers, the Marines, and slap the hell out of the leadership of that country. If not, send my other brothers, Itallians, and we will STILL slap the hell out of them!

KrsWon says:

1. N. Korea thinks Ingress is real.
2. Google buys N. Korea to assist LG in making Nexus 4s.
3. N. Korea is paying $1 billion for better spying technology.

heathroi says:

And we thought Steve jobs had an issue with walled gardens. My bet the North Koreans want to talk about a phone that give the issued user a degree of communication with grandma and family but that the state is able to monitor, control and shut down, i guess, to forestall the smuggled chinese ones with nothing like that control flooding NK. Probably a waste of time as that sucker will be rooted quicker than a new winery and still the chinese phones will come. They are asking for trouble.