Nexus 4 retail locations

Google this afternoon set up a Google Map deal where you can find retail locations that carry the Nexus 4. That's good. And long overdue. The one catch is that you can't actually tell if your nearest store has any in stock. You'll need to call ahead (or just show up, we suppose) to find out.

The other thing is that right now the only brick-and-mortar place to buy a Nexus 4 is T-Mobile. So basically you're looking at T-Mobile locations. But we have a feeling that Google setting up a proper retail search perhaps is a sign of things to come. Best Buy? Radio Shack? Let's hope we see them -- and other retail outlets -- added soon.

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angryGTS says:

Walmart sells them too Phil

still1 says:

there's also Nexus 7 store locator

return_0 says:

And a Nexus 10 store locator lol


treogables says:

Hey ... Stop posting Maps of where I live :-) Coral Gables FTW ...

tim242 says:

This is a Nexus locator, not a Nexus 4 locator.

mwara244 says:

Nexus 4 locator? Same as the T-Mobile locator. Only sold at T-Mobile as far as GMaps knows

mwara244 says:


derek5l says:


You find the store in G Maps click on it and store info should pop up, with a phone number that you press and it will dial that store to find out if it's in stock.

garfnodie says:

For me, this may as well just be a T-Mobile store locator. I can put it on 50 miles, which covers the entire St. Louis metro area, and all it shows are T-Mobile stores.

brent954 says:

Fort Lauderdale in here.

das7771 says:

Plantation here. This looks like a map to my house

bobbob1016 says:

Springs. But my question is are these sold without contract? As in can I go to TMo and get it for $299/$349?

Viper says:

No locations within 50 miles of Fargo :( I hate this place.

Woh Pembroke Pines! I used to grow up there.