Google reported its third-quarter earnings this afternoon, with revenue at $7.29 billion, up 23 percent over the third quarter of 2009. It reported $33.4 billion in cash on hand, with 23,331 full-time employees, about 1,500 more than were employed at the end of June. Net income (GAAP) was $2.17 billion, up from $1.64 billion in Q3 2009.

Google's about to host its earnings call, and we'll listen in for any Android news. Updates will in this post, after the break. You can read the full earnings breakdown at the source link. [Google]

Jonathan Rosenberg, Senior VP, Product Management

  • Mobile search is bringing in $1 billion a year now.

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Google releases its Q3 2010 earnings, up 23 percent over last year


Well that's simple! Google will buy Walmart (store front), Motorola, HTC (quality electronic manufacturers), Pfizer (stem cell research and Bio-Med), most private agricultire (feed the people!), a few power and water companies (they have been investing heavily in the Atlantic wind power farm), GM (unmanned vehicles) and Verizon (to piss off Apple)and change their name to Massive Dynamics. Their products will be delivered via unmanned vehicles, which is why they have been testing them, within 24 hours of the order when placed. Sounds like a plan, don't it?

LOL! Already making $1 billion a year on mobile, and yet some people can't figure out why they created Android and gave it away for free. :D Seriously. Some still don't get it.

it's not shocking in the least that Google would possess such impressive results *hats off to Google*