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Android 1.6+ If you're into Google Buzz but have wanted to be able to post text and photos from your Android home screen, you're now in luck. Google's made a Buzz widget available in the Android Market that does exactly that. It's English-only for now, but it makes Google's new social networking feature that much easier to use. Get in now in the Android Market. [Google]


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Google releases Buzz widget


just update to the 2.1 leak and you can get all the new of the new! Eris user on 2.1 here with functional genie widget and buzz widget woot!

1.5 is "broken" tech. A lot of sweat and fudging code was needed to get it to run well on anything except a few GSM bands. All the issues were supposedly fixed with the release of 1.6.

Since no new phones are ever going to be released with 1.5, and most (if not all) phones still running it are moving on, it makes sense for Google to not spend the effort and man hours to back port code for new apps to work with cupcake.

I know, not what we all want to hear, but it is what it is.

Please stop posting pictures with that 2.1 square at the bottom of the screenshot. It's breaking my Droid's heart!.

The Buzz Widget is nice, but I would've liked to have had a Google Reader Widget first. All of the third party ones have been underwhelming so far. Here's to hoping...


Hate that like 99% of the apps I want aren't supported on 1.5. Simultaneous updates is one thing Apple has an advantage with. Update my freaking phone already, damn.